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  • commented on Technological Book Burning Intends To Destroy Nations 2021-01-06 23:14:19 -0700
    Dear friends in the CFFS: This is slightly off the mark, but it has come to my attention that legislation is currently in the works, in the form of bill A11179, to compel all New Yorkers to submit to the COVID-19 vaccinations, despite the reported adverse impacts, which include multiple deaths here in the US; if you are in the metropolitan area, be advised that there is a protest scheduled for 13 January, from 11 am-1 pm, at Pfizer World Headquarters, 235 East 42nd Street, two blocks east of Grand Central Station. This is the first such protest of any nature in Manhattan (other than those toadies of the globalists, Black Lives Matter) since the start of the pandemic, and I see no reason that it cannot serve as a forum for people to air their grievances concerning all those tyrannical measures that we are resisting through this group. However, the vaccine issue is certainly assuming paramount importance at this point. Hope to see you there!! mf
  • commented on How To Use The CFFS "No Mask" Card 2021-09-29 11:27:06 -0700
    Dear friends at CFFS:

    Well, things on this notice board would appear to be a little quiet since the CDC’s momentous announcement 4 months ago, and we, here in New York City, are now confronting new levels of bioweapon-related coercion with our over-reaching Mayor’s Key to NYC program. However, I did want to report that the muzzles have definitely retreated; one can enter probably 80% of the businesses in my neighborhood without hindrance, and that has definitely improved my quality of life. I would likewise estimate that 80% of people are not wearing them outside, despite the dreaded Delta “variant”; this is a marked contrast to a year ago, and in the wake of this, human kindness and communication have also returned.

    On another note, our transit authority has now stepped up enforcement of the CDC’s illegal dictates regarding public transportation, and I have not ridden the subway since that announcement (traveled to the last protest in Times Square both ways without difficulty). Prior to that, however, nobody appeared to care what you did. I will have to see what happens; other colleagues in the resistance have reported that there does not seem to be an increased enforcement presence.

    But, in any case, I encourage all of you to continue to resist these illegal, unconstitutional mandates, and claim your freedoms back!!

    Happy autumn!!