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  • commented on Contact 2023-02-07 09:38:30 -0700
    I was just at my local Urgent Care Center, covered by my insurance, and I have been there before. However today, 2/7/23, they refused to see me because I would not wear a muzzle. I live in Montgomery, Texas, and there is no rule of law that states muzzles are required in medical establishments. I would like to file a discrimination lawsuit. Do I have a foot to stand on, or is this futile (they are a business and can make rules up as they go)? I refuse to sacrifice my principles. Thank you for all the work you do. I wish people would WAKE UP! It is both sad and frustrating.

    In solidarity,

    A Patriot from Texas

    PS Unfortunately I cannot afford a lawyer, but am hoping you might give me some advice as to whether or not I should move forward

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