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  • commented on Propaganda Exposed 2021-12-13 15:23:47 -0700
    Your definition of propaganda is incomplete, it is biased towards a negative interpretation. Propaganda is not necessarily evil. It was originally a neutral term:
    Here is an alternative neutral definition:
    ‘The deliberate and systematic attempt to influence and change the ideas, attitudes, and beliefs of others.’
    Simply put there is good propaganda and there is evil propaganda.
    I recommend one minor correction to your article where it said quote: ‘On one hand, those who deceive and lie with malice of forethought have the right to verbalize such things, but they must also bear the consequence of violating the law in doing so.’
    Divine law supersedes secular law therefore I would change ‘have the right to verbalize such things’ to ‘have the free will to verbalize such things’
    No one has a God given ‘right’ to do evil. Rights ultimately come from God not man. No one has the right to lie and to deceive. Furthermore, lying and deceiving is actually an abuse of free will.
    This leads into an even deeper topic which involves the definition of freedom. A person who does evil objectively speaking is not free. Truth sets us free, lies make us into slaves and ultimately lead to death. This principle is exemplified by the first lie (evil propaganda) that originated in the garden of Eden. That lie was simple, ‘you will be like God’. The consequence of that lie was the fall of mankind, suffering and death. Now consider the question posed by the hypocritical Pontius Pilot to Jesus Christ, ‘what is truth’? He knew the truth that Jesus Christ was innocent but crucified him anyways for political expediency. He set it up for Jesus Christ to be found guilty in the court of public opinion and then washed his hands of the verdict.
    The lies and propaganda behind the SARS-COV2 scamdemic have led to countless millions of injuries and deaths already, that is the objective truth. Our governments, medical authorities, big business, etc. are complicit just like Pontius Pilot was. Money and power are all they care about. What will it take to wake them up? Who is going to ‘save’ us from the tyrants? Who is gong to stop the global elite who literally own the corrupt monetary system, the governments, Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Agra, Big Religion, Big Business, Big Military etc.?
    This is a spiritual battle. Men and women of good will need to organize to fight the tyrants. We must be willing to sacrifice everything for the truth, no compromising. No ‘go along to get along’. The justice systems around the world are corrupt to the core, they aren’t going to save us from the tyrants. I listened to a recent interview by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich a lawyer with many years experience who has sued corrupt big corporations and big banks. He ought to know better than anyone else. He has convinced me that the solution lies outside the current political/judicial systems. He proposes ‘Nuremberg 2.0’ be implemented outside the existing judicial systems. We need men and women of good will globally to implement this.