7 Ways to be a Free Speech Defender

Welcome to CFFS! We're so glad you have joined our mission to protect our First Amendment rights. Here is how you can be a free speech defender in your community.

Subscribe and listen to the weekly CFFS podcast Stand & Deliver

The Stand & Deliver podcast helps free speech defenders understand the many ways our First Amendment rights are threatened and how you can fight back. Share the podcast with your network to help us reach more people. 

How do I listen to Stand & Deliver?


New episodes of Stand & Deliver are released each Friday. Look for an email in your inbox with links to listen on Pod Bean at CFFSPodcast.com or watch on our CFFS channel on Rumble. You can also find the show on most podcast platforms and on the CFFS home page (be sure to scroll to the bottom for the list of latest episodes). 

Distribute the Free Speech Statesman

One of the primary roles of a CFFS member is to be an evangelist for free speech. CFFS seeks to engage individuals and groups to help them recognize threats to free speech and, by extension, their ideas and causes. We provide tools, training, and support that enables them to be civil and effective activists in their local communities. You can be part of this critical mission by getting the Free Speech Statesman into the hands of others in your community. 

How do I become a Free Speech Statesman distributor? 


Visit the Free Speech Statesman page for all the details to get started today!

Get trained the Citizen Ninja Way

At CFFS we believe that exercising free speech is most effective when we're taking a seat on our local city councils, school boards, and homeowners associations. Get the leadership training you need to engage with others civilly and confidently. You will come away with an empowered mindset and practical tips for building collaborative teams. 

How do I learn more about Citizen Ninja training?


All of the details about Citizen Ninja can be found on our training page. 

Join Local Activist and connect with other freedom defenders across the nation

Local Activists advocate for and protect constitutionally sound policies in their neighborhoods, townships, municipalities, counties, and states. Local Activist (www.LocalActivist.org) is a private and secure communication platform designed to support your activism efforts through networking, training, and team collaboration.

How do I learn more?


Find out more on our Local Activist web page.

Track free speech legislation in your state and nationally

We follow legislation impacting all facets of the First Amendment on the national, state, and local levels and alert our activists when it's time to take action. 

How do I find out more? 


Keep your eye on your email for upcoming action campaigns. 

Train to be a CFFS Ambassador in your state

Upon completing The Citizen Ninja Way training, CFFS members are eligible to join our CFFS Ambassador program where you can be a free speech leader and activist in your community and state.  You will receive leadership training and coaching and work with talented free-speech activists from all areas of the country. 

I'm interested in becoming a CFFS Ambassador. How do I begin?


Register for our upcoming live and online Citizen Ninja training beginning Feb. 15. Details will be shared about next steps during that program. 

Donate to CFFS to expand our reach and impact

If you value Free Speech and the First Amendment as the main deterrent against outright tyranny and totalitarianism, then we ask that you stand with us financially to support our work. Generous donations from our members make it possible to launch and sustain these important initiatives. 

How can I be a CFFS donor?


You can go to Donate page to make a contribution today. Thank you for your support!