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  • commented on Contact 2020-09-06 11:44:16 -0700
    Hi, I have tried to host a meetup, posted 3 times but it does NOT show up when I click on meetups. Why??

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    Patrick Wood, Executive Director
    Citizens for Free Speech
    P.O. Box 52546
    Mesa, Arizona 85208


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  • commented on How To Use The CFFS "No Mask" Card 2020-09-06 11:34:49 -0700
    I have used with some success. Mostly large stores, don’t seem to care. Those there are some easily brainwashed who get upset. I have posted a meetup several times, but it does NOT post on your meet ups board. WHY?? Please help. I have written to you, and the response was that it posted, but it did NOT.