Citizens for Free Speech (CFFS) is dedicated to preserving free speech and enabling citizens to exercise their rights as guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

Local involvement is the spirit of Free Speech in America. We believe in the role of the citizen stakeholders in their local communities, and encourage active involvement in local processes, boards and elections.

Our Foundation

Patrick WoodCFFS was founded by author and journalist Patrick Wood, who firmly believes that if Free Speech and civil discourse are not restored to American communities, that America will completely succumb to the forces of propaganda, paving the way for ultimate removal of the U.S. Constitution altogether.

Free Speech is a core value of our Constitution because, if properly exercised, it prevents an elite from imposing false propaganda to sway public opinion in a contrived manner. 

Furthermore, the exercise of Free Speech has always been the focus of local activism. Are you able to express your views in a city council meeting without fear of being ridiculed or bullied? Can you successfully challenge your local newspaper or radio stations when they run false stories? 

Indeed, Free Speech starts and ends with your involvement and interaction with your neighbors, families, committees, councils and elected officials.


CFFS exists to promote and enable the practice of Free Speech throughout America. Our flagship initiative is to provide city-centric social media services to citizens that will enable and encourage local action and involvement with other like-minded citizens. 

Tax-Exempt Status

Citizens for Free Speech is a 501(c)(3) organization recognized by the IRS. As such, all contributions are tax-deductible on your Federal return. Please consult with a knowledgeable tax accountant or CPA for exact details.