Airline Passenger Stands Up for Free Speech!

Airline Passenger Stands Up for Free Speech!

In this week's podcast, Bob and I found some new pronouns for ourselves, to coincide with our new identities of the day, since that's apparently how this is supposed to work. Bob identified as "Your Awesomeness" and I decided that on this day I would be "Graybeard."

Yes, this is exactly insane as it sounds, but in the World of Woke, personal pronouns must be accepted, whatever they may be.

We also discuss the ongoing danger of propaganda being used to confuse people -- essentially disguising fraud as free speech.

A Jet Blue passenger was booted from his flight for wearing a politically-themed face mask, even after following the crew's request that he replace it with a plain mask. He is now suing Jet Blue for violating his rights, and as you can imagine, we have pretty strong feelings about the case.

And the CFFS Advocacy Center is now live, allowing visitors to see what legislation is pending in their state that may be a threat to First Amendment rights. 

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