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  • commented on Citizens For Free Speech To Fight Censorship 2018-11-08 20:52:27 -0700
    I take issue with the above statement that we should have “unhindered expression of religion.” This has applied in the past to the dominant religion in this country, namely, Christianity and, also Judaism.. We now have a growing (by the day) Muslim population and various Satanic cults that are daily crossing our borders. One of the results of this horrendous situation is the ongoing attempt to normalize and legalize pedophilia. Both California and New Jersey have made it legal to marry a twelve year old child because, according to NJ governor Christy, it is part of Islam and therefore a Muslim’s right, along with spousal abuse, FGM, Sharia law and animal abuse. This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg of what is being allowed under the blanket of religious freedom. There is no longer a separation between religion and our justice system. We need an amendment to the first amendment that guarantees expression of religion, except when such expression harms other living beings but this country and its people no longer have a moral ethic nor even a moral conscience. As our founding fathers said our republic can only work in a moral and religious society, such as Christianity. Lose that and we lose it all.
  • commented on Contact 2018-11-08 20:13:44 -0700
    Great documentary! Excellently done. I watched in horror the unfolding of events that led to Levoy’s murder on the Internet as it happened. One thing bothered me when Levoy’s wife was answering questions near the end of the film. A woman asked why does the BLM think it has the right to confiscate ranchers rights and property. The immediate answer should have been Agenda 21 (now Agenda 30) backed by the United Nations. Yes, they want to abolish all farms and ranches in the US and they will be coming to take away the rights and private property of all Americans. This is the New World Order. This has to be impressed upon the population because this fact may be the only thing that will spur our citizens to fight. Much of this land will be given to the Red Chinese in payment for the government’s debt and because the entire federal government and state and local government officials have been bought off. Our federal government and the UN no longer recognize us as a sovereign country. People have to understand this as it is the single cause behind the usurpation of American rights and the abolishment of our Constitution.

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