Big Tech Tyranny tied to Technocracy, Great Reset, CFFS Founder Explains

Big Tech Tyranny tied to Technocracy, Great Reset, CFFS Founder Explains

Mesa, AZ – The blatant assault on free speech currently being carried out by America’s largest technological corporations is about more than just stifling political dissent; it’s about advancing the agenda of globalist technocrats with designs on seizing the world economy, according to Patrick Wood, founder and Director of Citizens for Free Speech.

Speaking to Joshua Phillip on the Epoch Times’ Crossroads broadcast, Wood made the connection between the Big Tech takeover of society—the “Great Reset” spurred by the World Economic Forum and other globalist political players—and the ongoing attempt to crush free speech in the online world. It’s all part of the technocratic revolution, Wood explained.

“In every revolution, be it Marxist, or Fascist, or otherwise, the first thing the revolutionaries do is take over the media, the TV, the radio stations, the newspapers. And if they don’t just squash them completely and kill them, they take over the mechanism of communication in that country. This is what’s happening in America right now. Free speech is hanging by a thread, and the people in the technocratic core have a narrative they want to put forth, and it’s not our narrative. Therefore, we must be silenced.”

Wood informed Epoch Times viewers that this assault on the First Amendment is not a new development.

“We’ve seen this coming for a long time, where the exercised censorship of these big platforms is increasingly worse. That’s what caused me to found Citizens for Free Speech, and now today, that collusion is in the open. When three big tech companies, the biggest of the biggest, conspire to take down a company—a competitor—in one day, this is unprecedented. This goes so far beyond any private property issues. This is just murder, really.”

But why now? Why have the Silicon Valley power brokers decided that this is the time to crush all dissent? Wood believes that the 2016 election played a role in the timing.

“This populist movement—the big tech companies are scared to death of the populist movement in America. When Trump said, ‘They’re not after me, they’re after you’, there was some truth to that. We see the oppression and censorship, and everybody seems to be a target now, to shut people up and keep the alternative narrative suppressed.”

Even more distressing than the suppression of free speech, Wood predicts that our every move will soon be made under the watchful eye of Big Government, as part of their collusion with the technocrats themselves.

“We’re going to see a massive increase in surveillance and control in 2021. It’s already happening with vaccine passports and large companies already setting their own policies. Even if they’re illegal, they’re doing it anyway. They don’t think the law applies to them anymore. We’re going to see a huge increase in what I call the ‘Total Awareness Society’ where all the places you go will track you. In Venice, for instance, they are tracking every visitor. They know exactly where they are at all times, they follow them around the city, they know what country they’re from—this is like George Orwell on steroids. It is ultimately a scientific dictatorship.”

So what is the key to fighting back? How can people stop this techno-revolution? “At CFFS, we teach people to return to local activism; to get their eyeballs off of Washington, which is not going to save us out here, and to focus on their local communities. To focus on their local school boards, water boards, city councils, planning commissions, etc., to drive the ‘wokeness’ out of their own communities and rebuild the fabric of America from the ground up. Local activism is the key to it all.”

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