Fact-checking the fact-checkers

The term "fact-checker" has become a euphemism for those designated as arbiters of truth and assumes the general population needs help sorting fact from fiction. However, personal responsibility in discerning facts is essential since fact-checkers themselves can be biased, overlook falsehoods, and promote a false sense of certainty. Personal responsibility means not only verifying a fact but also understanding the context and questioning the credibility of those doing the "fact-checking."

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First Amendment: The key to standing up to tyranny

Alex Newman, award-winning journalist, founder of The Liberty Sentinel, and CFFS advisor recently released a video on what we must do to fight back against the next wave of COVID tyranny. I encourage you to watch the entire video as it provides insights and encouragement from a variety of leaders in the freedom movement. The primary takeaway is that everything we need to fight back is wrapped up in the First Amendment.

After you watch the video, keep reading for how CFFS can help equip you with the knowledge, skills, and mindset for taking effective action immediately. Time is of the essence and its up to us to reclaim our freedom and liberty not just for ourselves, but for future generations.   

The video highlights three imperatives for fighting the forces of tyranny. 

1. Act Locally: We have the most power and influence in our local cities, towns, schools, and neighborhoods. And remember, as a Constitutional Republic, the people hold the power but delegate authority to elected representatives. In other words, it is our responsibility as engaged citizens to hold those we elect accountable and not allow them to trample on our rights.

2. Organize, Assemble and Build Relationships: We must get out from behind our devices and keyboards and be a visible and positive voice in our communities. Work in teams, meet your neighbors, and get to know your elected officials. 

3. Bring Your Gifts to the Table:  Everyone has something to contribute. If you're not already involved in some area of freedom-focused activism now is the time to share your time, talent, or treasure. 

Accelerate Your Impact

CFFS launched the Local Activist Accelerator learning community in June where we train, coach, and equip you with strategies to transfer your new skills into practice. What has taken other grassroots activists years to learn can be quickly mastered in weeks. Stand up for your family, your future, and your freedom. Be part of a proactive and encouraging community leading the way toward a brighter tomorrow.  

Mask Mandates: The End of Individuality

Wearing masks goes back many centuries. Arabs covered the faces of captured enemies because they realized it broke their will. Without a face, they became depersonalized and submissive. When Islam arrived, face coverings signaled evidence that women were the property of their husbands. Masks were symbols of submission to the will of Alah. 

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Stand Up for Your First Amendment Rights

As Constitution Day approaches, we find ourselves standing at the crossroads of our nation’s history. A day that calls us to reflect upon the foundations of our great Republic, a day to remember and cherish the principles that have made our nation the beacon of liberty it is. The date is September 17th, and we're talking about the First Amendment – that cornerstone of American society, often challenged, but forever resilient.

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Habit of the Heart Activism

By Mary Baker
CFFS National Training Director

The Case for Direct Action.

A democracy in the form of a Constitutional Republic is a system of government in which the powers of sovereignty are vested in and exercised by the People, either directly or through representatives chosen by the People, to whom those powers are specially delegated. It is a form of Self-Government wherein the People have the power and grant authority to the elected to govern on their behalf.

"I considered mores to be one of the great general causes responsible for the maintenance of a democratic republic…the term 'mores'…meaning…habits of the heart." ~Alexis de Tocqueville

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Will the US surrender the First Amendment to the WEF?

Among the biggest takeaways from the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland was the proclamation by a European Union official that the United States would soon be surrendering its First Amendment in the interest of global appeasement.

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Disinformation, Censorship, and Information Warfare in the 21st Century

All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”

– Sun Tzu, the Art of War

By Michael Senger
Reposted with permission from the Brownstone Institute

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Restoring Free Speech at Our Universities

Now that the autumn semester is well underway, it is worth asking whether students have a chance to participate in free and open debate. The short answer is “No, they don’t.” They don’t have a chance to explore unpopular ideas and controversial opinions. They are “protected” from ideas that might make them uncomfortable. What’s being stifled here is more than speech. It’s their education and, with it, their preparation to live in a tolerant society, where fellow citizens hold different views.

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CFFS Condemns Popular Social Media Site for Censoring Pro-Life Group’s Views

Video-sharing platform TikTok has banned LiveAction from advertising pro-life messages

Mesa, AZ – The administrators of the largest social media companies in the world are continuing to censor viewpoints of individuals and organizations with which they disagree, this time targeting pro-life messengers. LiveAction is the largest pro-life organization on the internet, reaching over 5 million people through their website and their social media platforms, but now the world’s top video-sharing service has banned the group from sharing their messages. TikTok, a Chinese-owned company that has come under intense scrutiny for their allegedly collecting personal data from users via their mobile phone app, continues to provide unfettered access to pro-abortion groups such as Planned Parenthood, but have decided to limit the reach of LiveAction, which uses the platform to reach out to pregnant women considering abortion. 

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Remove the US from the WHO

Nearly 2,500 free speech defenders have taken action on HR7806. Can we count on you to make your voice heard, as well?

The World Health Organization has been a prime instigator of egregious violations of Free Speech and our First Amendment rights since the pandemic began in January 2020:

  • Massive censorship and rejection of any scientific evidence that refutes their pre-conceived narrative
  • Fostering a cancel culture that causes material harm to scientists, doctors and professionals who are opposed to WHO's pseudo-scientific policies 
  • Promotion of failed policies such as wearing face masks, social distancing, limiting assembly, lockdowns and more
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