CFFS Launches Free Speech Reviews in Support of Mask-Free Businesses

CFFS Launches Free Speech Reviews in Support of Mask-Free Businesses

First Amendment defenders provide directory of businesses opposed to mask tyranny

Mesa, AZ – Citizens for Free Speech (CFFS), a national leader in opposing restrictive face-mask mandates since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, has launched a new initiative aimed at supporting local businesses across the country that have defied unconstitutional government orders to require face coverings for customers and employees. The First Amendment advocacy group would like patriots in every state to fill their new national directory with the names of businesses willing to be identified as “Face-Friendly”, and supportive of the rights of patrons to ditch their restrictive face masks and breathe the clean air of freedom.

“This is a crowd-sourced site,” announced CFFS founder and executive director Patrick Wood, “meaning that its success depends on freedom-loving citizens to add face-friendly businesses in their own communities.”

With several state governments loosening their Covid-19 restrictions, many citizens are cautiously optimistic that face mask mandates will soon be lifted on their own. Wood believes that exercising such caution is a mistake.

“While some governors are indeed rolling back their official state-wide mandates, they are leaving the decision on whether or not to require face masks up to individual businesses and employers,” Wood explained. “That means millions of American may still be forced to endure the health hazards that face masks pose for people on the job, and continued discomfort for customers.

“Our goal is to encourage businesses to end all face mask requirements for their employees and customers, and we believe the best way to do that is to flood their buildings with customers yearning to breathe free. Our directory, which is currently live, will tell shoppers, diners, and consumers of virtually all goods and services which businesses are Face-Friendly, and thus supported by CFFS’s tens of thousands of national members.”

Additionally, Wood warned, the next step for many state governments will not be to lift the mask mandates without conditions.

“Based upon the latest CDC guidance, some governors have hinted that the lifting of mask orders will apply only to people willing to show proof of a Covid-19 vaccination. CFFS does not support vaccine passports of any kind, and we encourage businesses to end their mask requirements for all patrons, regardless of vaccination status.”

CFFS would like to encourage other liberty-supporting activist groups to link the online directory, found at, to their own pages. The more citizens that become aware of Face-Friendly local businesses, the more likely it will be that state governments lift their science-denying mandates altogether.

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