CFFS Launches Nationwide Media Campaign

CFFS Launches Nationwide Media Campaign

Citizens for Free Speech (CFFS) has declared war on the Silicon Valley technology behemoths who continue to promote and/or minimize political speech based upon progressive ideology. The Arizona-based political action group condemns in the strongest possible terms the ongoing censorship of political viewpoints that tend to challenge the left-wing ideology supported by owners of the internet’s largest social media search platforms.

“The managers of Big Tech giants such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and its parent company, Google, have been promoting progressive speech and suppressing mainstream conservative ideas for years,” says CFFS Executive Director Patrick Wood. “Now, in this important election year, something must be done to limit the outsized influence these online information sources are certain to have on the voting decisions of large segments of the American population.” 

CFFS is dedicated to protecting the rights of all citizens to be heard, regardless of political ideology or party affiliation. Congressional hearings intended to force changes in the way decisions are made regarding acceptable content, terms of use, account suspensions, and “shadow bans” limiting the reach of users offering conservative ideas have been largely ineffective. Similarly, governmental efforts to force Google to alter its algorithms to allow all search results to be seen without preferential placement have been ignored.

In response, CFFS is building and delivering a nation of Citizen Stakeholders to demand a proper voice in the national conversation.

“A Citizen Stakeholder is any citizen who is willing to take a seat at the table in his or her local community,” Wood continues, “in order to counter runaway rhetoric and policies that are wreaking havoc in America.”

Big Tech executives who continue to deny a voice to the silenced will be held to account through political and economic activism at the grassroots level. Citizen Stakeholders will be present anywhere that policies are created and implemented in order to ensure that free speech and First Amendment protections are paramount in any such policies.

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Patrick Wood

Executive Director

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