CFFS Offers Assistance to Citizens Opposed to Dangerous, Restrictive Facemasks

CFFS Offers Assistance to Citizens Opposed to Dangerous, Restrictive Facemasks

Mesa, AZ – With numerous states and municipalities mandating face coverings in public places indoors and out, the debate over the impact and efficacy of facemask requirements on individual wearers is in full swing. Millions of Americans are looking for help as they seek to live their lives free of potentially health-compromising masks, reports Citizens for Free Speech (CFFS), a 501(c)(3) organization committed to preserving the First Amendment, which has stepped up with a response.

“We had to do something,” said CFFS Executive Director Patrick Wood. “People were tired of having their liberties restricted and their health placed in jeopardy, so we came up with ‘The Card.’”

“The Card” has, according to Wood, become the ticket to liberty for those who wear it, spreading across the nation faster than CFFS ever dared imagine.

“After reading about the numerous studies reported on by renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock, which underscored the personal health risks that face coverings can pose to some people with underlying health conditions,” Wood said, “we just wanted to help people take a stand. We decided the best way to do that was to help them express their right to move about in public spaces, unimpeded and mask-free, in deference to the potential health risks the masks pose.”

Wood and his team began manufacturing their laminated cards, along with lanyards to enable bearers to wear them in public spaces with mask mandates in effect. The back of the card is printed with the simple text of the First Amendment. The language on the front side, however, is more technical:

Wearing a Facemask Poses a Serious Health Risk to Me,” the card is headlined.

“Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), I am not required to disclose my medical conditions to you.  I am exempt from any local or state regulation mandating facemask usage in public. The Americans with Disabilities Act provides that organizations and businesses can be fined up to $75,000 for the first violation and $150,000 for any subsequent violations.


“We really had no choice,” Wood stated. “Here in Arizona, Governor (Doug) Ducey hasn’t issued a statewide mandate, but he has given local governments the power to issue such orders in their jurisdictions. This lack of consistent leadership and guidance places people in awkward positions as they try to decide whether or not they must obstruct their own breathing in one place versus another. In addition to the health concerns, such orders are a clear violation of free speech and expression, so we wanted to make things simple for everyone.”

Wood pointed out that the situation is even more dire in California, where last week Governor Gavin Newsome instituted a statewide order for all California residents and visitors, in all public places.

In Tampa, FL a similar edict was issued, calling for all persons to wear facemasks in all indoor public places, with threats of civil citations and fines being levied against those who do not comply.

In perhaps the most shocking display of governmental overreaction and overreach, the county commission that oversees the Florida Keys have declared that their mandatory mask requirement will remain in place for a full calendar year, until June of 2021.

“These unnecessary rules and regulations are being fueled by hysteria and pseudo-science,” Wood said, “and they are causing real fear and panic for citizens who are concerned that their own health could be compromised by prolonged use of facemasks. We couldn’t stand by and do nothing.”

Wood says that CFFS is encouraging all citizens who are healthy to wear the card around their necks when they venture into public spaces, instead of a facemask, with a simple explanation to anyone who challenges their right to go mask-free.

“The language on the card speaks for itself, and no one has the right—not a store manager nor a city councilman—to ask the wearer to explain his or her health condition. This is the true essence of liberty, and that is what CFFS founded upon. We don’t want card-wearers to be combative, but we do want them to stand up for their rights with confidence.” Wood explained.

The organization is offering the royal blue laminated cards free to new members who join CFFS by June 30, and to all others after that date for a modest donation to cover the cost of production and delivery. Wood has been overwhelmed by the response.

“We only made a thousand of them to start, thinking that would be more than enough to make our point, but now we can’t even keep them in stock. We have not spent a single dollar on advertising these, but the message is going viral the old fashioned-way—by word of mouth. We will keep making them until everyone who wants to can wear one.”

CFFS believes the time has come to demand the removal of these stifling muzzles from the faces of free people across the nation.


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Bob Frantz

National Director of Communications

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  • Petal Anderson
    commented 2020-07-26 07:53:04 -0700
    I am a conscientious objector and everything in my being would let me be civil disobedient towards the idea of wearing a mask mandated by the government. It should be my choice to wear something on my face especially if I am not sick. Now, before this Covid-19 you have people who cough or sneeze and don’t cover their face and so I honestly like this idea of some people wearing a face mask only for the reason that some people can be disgusting. Before I met my friend who send me the link to this website, I find it very difficult to breathe with any covering over my face. I only use the mask when I’m around certain amount of people or I’m trying to hide my face from those who like to take pictures and videos of others. Of course, without a shadow of a doubt our first amendment rights are being trampled on, people are wearing mask while driving their vehicle. That is very sad and disturbing to see, my heart sinks at the sight of the three individual sitting in the vehicle with coverings on their face. I heard someone lost consciousness while driving with the mask on their face, Their intentions are to weaken our immune system, while attacking us with their 5G EMF global system. There is so much going definitely a lot of lies and deception. They have 95% of the public fool, so sad. I pray this is not a hoax or a way to single out certain types of people, I’m warrior for justice and standing up for my rights, it is my birth right and if I dont stand up then someone else will bully me..