CFFS is the premier national training and networking organization for local activists who are ready to exercise their First Amendment rights in an effective and responsible manner. 

We are the home of the Citizen Ninja Way™, a method of activism that uses effective strategies, tactics, and tools resulting in positive change at the local level. Mary Baker is the creator and facilitator of the training program based on her book, Citizen Ninja: Stand up to Power.

Learn to sideline your fears and exercise your civic responsibility in the public arena effectively and with confidence! 

Why does involvement in local government matter? 

At CFFS we believe that exercising free speech is most effective when we're taking a seat on our local city councils, school boards, and homeowners associations. Read this important article to learn more.

If you're not at the table, you're what's for dinner!

Ready to take action in your community?

Get the foundation you need to engage with others civilly and confidently. Our FREE Citizen Ninja training will help you get into an empowered mindset and give you practical tips for collaborating with other like-minded community members. 

Citizen Ninja: The Basics is a workshop designed for conservative Americans who recognize they have a duty to engage in the civic process but are unsure how to go about it or are fearful of bully tactics being used against them. The 8-part series is self-paced and available on-demand on our Local Activist training platform. 

What you'll learn:

  • The Four Citizen Ninja Powers
  • How to Stage Your Discourse
  • Bully Tactics and Counter-Measures
  • How to Take Action

Citizen Ninjas in Action: Team Building Essentials builds upon the foundational concepts presented in Citizen Ninja Basics, and will teach local activists how to successfully develop, grow, and deploy a team. The 3-part series is self-paced and available on-demand on our Local Activist training platform.

Learn how to:

  • Build & Align Your Team
  • Evaluate and Assign Team Functions & Roles
  • Deploy Your Team

In addition to accessing training on our own private e-learning platform, the free training is also part of Leadership Institute's course offerings. 

Meet Mary Baker!

Watch this video to learn about Citizen Ninja author and training creator and what inspired her to get involved in local activism. 

Wondering what your current activism skill level is? Use this personal assessment to find out.

Test Your Citizen Ninja Skills!

Get Started Today!

Here's how you can start your journey to becoming a Citizen Ninja. 

Step 1. Order Citizen Ninja: Stand Up to Power through the CFFS store, or your favorite online book seller. 

Step 2. Access the FREE training on the CFFS collaborative and e-learning platform, Local Activist. Create a login and then head to the "courses" section. The training is also available through Leadership Institute

Next Steps: Upon completing Citizen Ninja training, you'll be invited to join Citizen Ninjas in Action, a growing coalition of trained activists who meet up twice monthly for live coaching with Mary Baker. You can also train to become a Citizen Ninja Ambassador and facilitate study groups in your community. So don't delay, get started today!