Standing Up for our God Given Rights.

I wrote a thesis on the Constitution and Bill of Rights in 2003 knowing then we were in the midst of a Constitutional Crisis. I watched as the country fell deeper into a dark and corrupt abyss from Bush to Wall Street and still further. Involved in a highly litigated lawsuit in defense of my late husband's wrongful death (he was murdered and left for dead) that happened at a military industrial complex, the case took me through Wall Street for four long, wrongful and highly illegal years, I would watch as one of the top ten law firms in the country, out of D.C., hired to 'destroy me,' sent goons after me from D.C. and from a local school that I'd learn was Homeland Security. When I heard the term 'homeland,' for the first time,' I instantly thought of Nazi Germany and with good cause, I now see.

There's more to the story, but in brief, I was robbed of justice and unknown millions. I would never the the light of day of a court room or an authentic judge. Rather what I witnessed then, is what I see going on all over the US, if not the world. I have a solid foundation of love for both God and country, just as my paternal 7th Great Grandfather, Johann Frederick Emerich/Emert did, when they fought under George Washington in the Revolutionary War, and my maternal 8th Great Grandfather, both living at that time in Pennsylvania. Under PENN, they wanted freedom of belief, freedom of choice, freedom to worship, and to live without tyranny from the Crown. The same sad irony we're all dealing with right now; the same 1% families. The are ruthless, cold-hearted and dangerous to all of humanity. Its more than obviously they're destroying the world to bring in a new world order of authoritarian lockdown tyranny. The public needs to be awaken from their cellphone hypnosis. I've tried for years alone to no avail. So, I'm grateful to be a participant with something that relates to the White Rose Society.

I believe their goal is to literally destroyed America.This can not bode good for any of us, nor those deadly shots.

Final thoughts: We are in dire trouble as Eisenhower stated in his last speech, by a monolithic conspiracy, as John F. Kennedy said. Its long past the time to stand-up for what's left of our freedoms, before its really too late, and it just might be. I want to be standing on my feet, not my knees, and at least try.

This reminds of an old saying, "When Good Men Do Nothing, The Triumph Of Evil" by Edmund Burke.

May God be with us now.

Chris Myers 64pt

Chris Myers