Citizen Ninja Study Groups

Get Ready for your Citizen Ninja Study Group!

The Citizen Ninja Study Group takes a deep dive on Mary Baker’s method of activism outlined in her book Citizen Ninja: Stand Up to Power. The book is not required for the study groups but is helpful to have for reference. If you’d like to order a copy, we have the book available through the CFFS Store. You can also find it at other online book sellers.

The study group will follow the progression of the Citizen Ninja: Basic Training course that is available on Local Activist, a collaborative and e-learning social network site sponsored by Citizens for Free Speech. You can create your free account at Once your account is approved, you can access the training by clicking on the “Courses” tab at the top of the site.

The full 8-part foundational Citizen Ninja: Basic Training course on Local Activist is available to you free-or-charge and on-demand. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate and are eligible to take then next training in the series, Citizen Ninjas in Action: Team Building Essentials. 

Also on Local Activist is a private “Freedom Pod” just for your study group cohort. Here you will be able to get to know other members of your study group cohort and your study group Ambassador can share resources and materials with you quickly and easily. To find your group page, simply click on the Freedom Pod link at the top of the Local Activist website and then on the Citizen Ninja Study Group link. Then click on “Sub Freedom Pods” to find the group page facilitated by your Citizen Ninja Ambassador.

There are approximately 24 Study Group lessons. Each week will focus on one of the lessons. While we hope you can join us for all 24 study group sessions, we know life happens, so if you miss a week or two, no problem. Just jump back in again when your schedule allows!

Topic Preview:
Session 1: What is a Citizen Ninja?
Session 2: Power is a Matter of Influence
Session 3: Direct Engagement
Session 4: Citizen Ninja Powers Part 1
Session 5: Citizen Ninja Powers Part 2
Session 6: Manage Your Emotions
Session 7: Zones of Awareness
Session 8: Seeking Opportunities
Session 9: Peg Your Audience
Session 10: Ask a Question
Session 11: Stage Your Discourse (Review)
Session 12: Make a Statement
Session 13: The Power of Words