Citizen Ninja Quiz and Survey

Thank you for your participation in the Citizen Ninja Summer Series. We've enjoyed spending the past 8 weeks with you and hope the program increased your skills and confidence in community activism.

In order to receive your Certificate of Completion, please complete the following quiz and survey. The quiz is open-book/notes and is intended to help reinforce the information shared throughout the program.

Following the quiz is a set of survey questions to help us improve and promote future trainings. We value your honest and constructive feedback.  

Upon completion of the quiz/survey, we will send you a PDF of your certificate by email.

Questions? Please contacting Kimberly Miller, CFFS Deputy Director, at [email protected]

Thank you!

In the space below, please tell us: 1.) How you would like your name to appear on your Citizen Ninja Certificate of Completion 2.) The preferred email address to which we should send the certificate.