The Citizen Ninja Way Quiz & Feedback

Thank you for your participation in The Citizen Ninja Way training series. We hope you have gained new knowledge and help insights that will empower your effectiveness as a grassroots leader in your community. 

To receive The Citizen Ninja Way Certificate of Completion, you will need to complete this simple quiz based on the training you just received. Don't worry, it's a straightforward assessment and you are welcome to use your course materials to locate answers, if needed. 

Following the quiz is a series of questions asking you to share feedback about your experience in the training. We value your input and invite you to be honest and constructive when sharing your feedback. 

Why get a certificate of completion? Glad you asked!

First, of course, we want to train as many Citizen Ninjas as possible and this will help us measure our effectiveness.

Second, if you are growing your activist resume, you can add the training to your education credentials.

Third, those who have received certificates will be invited to continue their Citizen Ninja journey as we develop additional programs and trainings. 

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