Citizens For Free Speech Founded To Fight Censorship

Citizens For Free Speech Founded To Fight Censorship

Citizens For Free Speech (CFFS) announced the beginning of operations to build a national movement to defend Free Speech and rights established under the First Amendment. These rights include freedom of the press, the unhindered expression of religion, the right to peaceably assemble and the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. 

"Censorship in America is running rampant over citizens' rights defined under the First Amendment," said Executive Director Patrick Wood, "big tech companies like Google, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are actively suppressing all other viewpoints except their own narrow interpretation of what society ought to be."

Wood anticipates a series of projects in 2018, beginning with the creation and launching of a new social network platform for activists to connect with each other, their groups and events within their local community. "Transparency, networking and access are important keys to elevating First Amendment rights", said Wood. 

The anticipated name for the social network is, which will also offer basic training for activists who desire it. 

CFFS also intends to build a coalition of radio and media organizations to present a common voice in addressing censorship to local, state and national government officials. 

Citizens For Free Speech is a tax-exempt non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. For more information, contact Patrick Wood at [email protected], or go to  


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  • Dave Millard
    followed this page 2021-03-03 09:40:02 -0700
  • HRH DR Bishop Chris Kember
    commented 2019-11-04 17:24:21 -0700
    The World has 2 perspectives, this begins with a Real Human Being that begins in the PRIVATE made up of the following:- Common Law, Law Of Torts, Legal Maxims & Mordecai’s Decree from the last 2 Chapters of Esther.

    Secondly the LEGAL FICTION / Public created in the year 1666 during the London Fires, people were issued with a certificate of Live Birth known as a BIRTHING CERTIFICATE, this is a shipping term known as Maritime Law, the Birthing Certificate refers to a Military Trade Vessel, meaning the Real Human Being is DECEASED.

    A Motor Vehicle you do not own, the CORPORATION does, in order to drive their vehicle, you require their license, these two points of reference allows you to understand that the NATURIAL HUMAN BEING IS ENSLAVED, think carefully here, does a Bank lend you their own money? No, they deceive the Human Being into SLAVERY by DECEPTION, the NATURAL HUMAN BEING has the SHEKELS, the is a good magician to make things to appear, in reality it is your money from your CEST QUI TRUST of 1666.

    Coming back to the 5G Network, as I suggest it is the 7ths, being a frequency that kills, turns people against each other, this is called SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT known as DEPOPULATION, then the HAARP SYSTEM known as WEATHER MODIFICATION, thus the issue of the layer of ALLOY that creates GLOBAL WARMING, these are facts, not an opinion.

    It is time for Real People to come together to make decisions, the current system, as I suggest is designed to destroy the Elderly & the Young, the so called Indigenous are programmed by the Aryians to create their ONE WORLD ORDER SYSTEM known as the MARK OF THE BEAST, here in Commonwealth of Australia, it’s real name is the LAND OF OPHIR named by Abraham, they want 3 year olds to start school, as I suggest MIND CONTROL continues to increase.

    We the people must stand for MORALITY, not IMMORALITY calling it good, the day of SODOM & GAMMORAH will come again, then the issue of Brim Stones that will come, therefore they will be 7 times hotter than before, remember HOMOSEXUALITY is a DEMON.

    The issue of HOMOPHRODITES will make a decision in their own time, this was brought about due to the increase of SIN, those going through it, need to be LOVED & SUPPORTED by the correct understanding, they will live a normal life.

    Is is more, but this is enough information to allow anyone to do their homework, remember the Early Semitic Ancient Hebrew was given to Enoch Pre-Flood, this is also known as the LETTER OF THE LAW, for I refer to British Law whereby they confirmed that COMMON LAW STANDS for EVERYONE.

    If one requires a MAGISTRATE to ensure they are qualified, ask them to produce their “OATH OF COMMISSION,” if they cannot, they are not qualified to represent the people, for the people.

    Many Blessings, Shalom. HRH Dr Bishop Chris Kember

    Bishop Chris Kember For this Royal-Highness &: Bishop’s-Knowledge of these Facts IS with this Corrections-Claims of any Fiction-Parse-Syntax-Syntax-Grammar-Performances within any Vassalee’s-Document-Evidence by this Bishop’s-Correct-Parse-Syntax- grammar-Performances. :Christopher R……: Kember
  • Barbara Hanmore
    commented 2018-11-08 20:52:27 -0700
    I take issue with the above statement that we should have “unhindered expression of religion.” This has applied in the past to the dominant religion in this country, namely, Christianity and, also Judaism.. We now have a growing (by the day) Muslim population and various Satanic cults that are daily crossing our borders. One of the results of this horrendous situation is the ongoing attempt to normalize and legalize pedophilia. Both California and New Jersey have made it legal to marry a twelve year old child because, according to NJ governor Christy, it is part of Islam and therefore a Muslim’s right, along with spousal abuse, FGM, Sharia law and animal abuse. This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg of what is being allowed under the blanket of religious freedom. There is no longer a separation between religion and our justice system. We need an amendment to the first amendment that guarantees expression of religion, except when such expression harms other living beings but this country and its people no longer have a moral ethic nor even a moral conscience. As our founding fathers said our republic can only work in a moral and religious society, such as Christianity. Lose that and we lose it all.