Citizens For Free Speech Founded To Fight Censorship

Citizens For Free Speech (CFFS) announced the beginning of operations to build a national movement to defend Free Speech and rights established under the First Amendment. These rights include freedom of the press, the unhindered expression of religion, the right to peaceably assemble and the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. 

"Censorship in America is running rampant over citizens' rights defined under the First Amendment," said Executive Director Patrick Wood, "big tech companies like Google, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are actively suppressing all other viewpoints except their own narrow interpretation of what society ought to be."

Wood anticipates a series of projects in 2018, beginning with the creation and launching of a new social network platform for activists to connect with each other, their groups and events within their local community. "Transparency, networking and access are important keys to elevating First Amendment rights", said Wood. 

The anticipated name for the social network is, which will also offer basic training for activists who desire it. 

CFFS also intends to build a coalition of radio and media organizations to present a common voice in addressing censorship to local, state and national government officials. 

Citizens For Free Speech is a tax-exempt non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. For more information, contact Patrick Wood at, or go to  


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  • Barbara Hanmore
    commented 2018-11-08 20:52:27 -0700
    I take issue with the above statement that we should have “unhindered expression of religion.” This has applied in the past to the dominant religion in this country, namely, Christianity and, also Judaism.. We now have a growing (by the day) Muslim population and various Satanic cults that are daily crossing our borders. One of the results of this horrendous situation is the ongoing attempt to normalize and legalize pedophilia. Both California and New Jersey have made it legal to marry a twelve year old child because, according to NJ governor Christy, it is part of Islam and therefore a Muslim’s right, along with spousal abuse, FGM, Sharia law and animal abuse. This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg of what is being allowed under the blanket of religious freedom. There is no longer a separation between religion and our justice system. We need an amendment to the first amendment that guarantees expression of religion, except when such expression harms other living beings but this country and its people no longer have a moral ethic nor even a moral conscience. As our founding fathers said our republic can only work in a moral and religious society, such as Christianity. Lose that and we lose it all.
  • Stephen Duval
    commented 2018-10-16 09:09:18 -0700
    The First Amendment does not protect free speech on the Internet from social media monopolies. It does not protect free speech on campus from university administrators except possibly in the case of State Universities.

    To protect free speech it is necessary to adapt to the current world. In 1776 it was necessary to protect the freedom of the relatively new invention, the printing press. Anyone with a printing press could be a publisher and in many countries printing presses were tightly controlled. The First Amendment gave Americans the freedom to own and use printing presses and become publishers.

    Today the equivalent of a printing press is a social media monopolies (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube). Everyone could publish their views on these platforms. But Progressive totalitarians hate free speech and are moving vigorously to suppress it on the Internet via their control of the social media monopolies. Conservative voices are being removed from these platforms.

    It is the responsibility of the Federal government to deal with monopolies. Anti trust enforcement to ensure that the social media monopolies are content neutral ie that they do not discriminate against any content/free speech, is necessary to protect our democracy.

    Free speech on campus is absolutely critical to Western Civilization since that is where the values of the future leaders of our society are formed. Totalitarian Progressives have established a stranglehold on the universities and are enforcing politically correct groupthink on students and professors.

    To be eligible for student loans or research grants, a university should be required to support free speech. University Trustees and administrators should have a fiduciary responsibility to protect free speech. It is a violation of their fiduciary duty if they do not terminate any professor and expel any student who violates the free speech of any professor, student, or invited guest. Trustees and administrators who violate their fiduciary duty should be terminated and liable for the legal expenses of any professor, student, or invited guest whose freedom of speech was violated on campus.

    These are two practical steps to strengthen free speech in the USA: 1) requiring social media monopolies to be content neutral and giving University Trustees and Administrators a fiduciary responsibility to protect the free speech of professors, students, and invited guests.
  • Kelly Collard
    posted about this on Facebook 2018-06-08 08:34:09 -0700
    Citizens For Free Speech Founded To Fight Censorship