Decoding Social Media Censorship by the Issues

Decoding Social Media Censorship by the Issues

Free speech is under ferocious attack by Big Tech social media platforms. This is generally viewed as an attack against conservatives on that basis alone. Consequently, the reverse side of that coin views Big Tech as left-wingers in cahoots with Democrat operatives, both of whom have ganged up to gain a political advantage.

I believe these are incorrect views that hide the real nature of the censorship problem.

Big Tech censorship is not just an American problem. Journalists, broadcasters, and vocal citizens are being “disappeared” with equal effort all around the world. Thus, it’s obviously wrong for Americans to think in terms of conservative versus liberal, left-wing versus right-wing, or Republican versus Democrat.

Looking at censorship of free speech from a global perspective gives a different and more accurate view of what’s really going on. In addition, putting the censored individuals aside, examining the issues being censored is more revealing.

So, what kind of issues are being censored?

  1. COVID-19 criticism. Many experts, scientists, and medical professionals around the world have been critical of China as being the source of the virus, and have suggested different and more traditional medical treatments for those who contract COVID-19. Despite the fact that the Great Barrington Declaration, which advocates against lockdowns, has attracted signatures of 727,140 citizens, 13,290 medical and public health scientists, and 40,199 medical practitioners, any who dare to speak against the Big Tech narrative are immediately censored.
  2. Vaccine criticism. Expect immediate censorship for speaking or writing about the dark side of vaccines. Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website, for instance, lost about 99 percent of its Google search engine traffic for writing about alternative medicine and the negative effects of vaccines. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who founded and directs Children’s Health Defense, sued Facebook in 2020 for censoring alternative information about vaccines. Indeed, anyone critical of vaccine issues is destined to be heavily censored.
  3. Globalization criticism. Citizens, journalists, and broadcasters who address the issues of globalization, such as the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” or the United Nations, can expect to be censored. They’re quickly labeled as “conspiracy theorists” even for quoting text taken directly off the World Economic Forum’s website and blog.
  4. Populism. The very large political movement that swept President Donald Trump into office in 2016 is routinely censored in all its forms. It’s also routinely attacked as extremist, hate promoting, and a threat to national security.
  5. Global warming. Critics of the Paris Climate Accord and global warming are routinely and heavily censored, even though large numbers of physicists, atmospheric scientists, and climate experts have written that man is not responsible for global warming or that it’s not a “crisis.” In addition, many academic scandals have been exposed over the use of corrupted and manipulated climate data.
  6. Hunter Biden’s Ukraine and China dealings. During 2020, this entire affair was deeply buried and censored across social media and search engines. Those who tried to bring it to light were ostracized and harassed to maintain silence.

The point of listing these issues is to demonstrate that media censorship is about certain globalist-related issues and not necessarily about political affiliation. While it’s true that most of the above issues are raised by conservatives and libertarians, it’s not exclusively so.

To reiterate, Big Tech’s censorship algorithms are issue specific and not person specific.

If this is the case, then what do these issues represent in aggregate?

In short, globalization.

All companies who are deeply aligned with globalization will do whatever is necessary to protect and promote their own globalist agenda. This would include almost all Big Tech companies, but also a host of global corporations such as banks, airlines, big box stores, insurance companies, payment processors, and Internet service providers.

Conversely, they will censor and suppress any opposition to their globalist agenda.

The COVID-19 narrative of control is a global phenomenon. So are universal vaccines, populism, and global warming. The Hunter Biden scandal could have exposed potentially massive corruption in the globalization world, and was thus seen as worthy of being covered up if not buried completely.

If this conclusion is correct, then censorship is not merely persecution of (mostly) conservatives, but is rather an outright promotion of a globalist agenda that’s necessarily destructive to the United States.

It’s not an issue of left versus right, conservative versus liberal, or Democrat versus Republican. Rather, it’s anti-American, period. And herein lies the real threat to national security.

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  • Jane Dare
    commented 2021-02-04 19:10:05 -0700
    The trick that keeps working : we are manipulated into believing “this thing over here,” while the creeps are rolling out their deeper, more sinister plans “over there.”
  • Jane Dare
    commented 2021-02-04 19:10:05 -0700
    The trick that keeps working : we are manipulated into believing “this thing over here,” while the creeps are rolling out their deeper, more sinister plans “over there.”
  • Thomas Williams
    commented 2021-01-26 19:07:12 -0700
    Another name for Technocrats may well be Antichrists
  • Susan Sizemore
    commented 2021-01-25 12:00:35 -0700
    Why can the 78,000 people who have been kick off Facebook find an attorney and file a class action law suit?
  • Jean Sweeny
    commented 2021-01-22 13:01:36 -0700
    Perfectly objective review of what we are seeing and why.
  • Patrick Wood
    published this page in Blog 2021-01-22 12:12:24 -0700