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    Q: Name, City, and State
    A: D. G. Chilson, Sahuarita, AZ

    Free Speech Sound Off

    We look forward to sharing the thoughts and perspective of our members in the inaugural issue of the CFFS newspaper.

    Please write 3-4 sentences on ONE of the following topics:

    • Why is free speech an important issue to you?
    • What has been the most impactful benefit of being a member of CFFS?
    • What are you personally doing to protect free speech/First Amendment in America?

    Please note, that we will edit for clarity and grammar/punctuation/spelling. Due to space constraints, we may not be able to print every response we receive in the publication. But we will look for opportunities to share as many as we can on other platforms such as our website and social media. 

    Thank you for your support of this project and CFFS! 


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