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  • commented on Propaganda Exposed 2021-12-16 14:38:09 -0700
    I think part of the problem we have in society is people want their version of “x” with the exception of “y”. Like free speech except for:…the free part that hurts their feelings. Except for the part we dont like. Then other people that think completely different craft their words right with their own exceptions that we dont agree with. But its so small that we are willing to sacrifice. Until we have free speech with the exception on sunday at 2pm when the sun is out in your shorts while the wind is blowing. This is how authoritarianism breeds in my opinion. I am completely against any type of deception or lying in any manner. It is wrong and people shouldnt do it. But if you want free speech then I think it has to be free. I think there are other ways people naturally deal with these kind of things rather than through exceptions