Elon Musk Takes Big Stake In Twitter

Elon Musk Takes Big Stake In Twitter

This week, Patrick & Bob go deep inside the exciting story of possible changes to Twitter. The Twitter platform has become the national public square for discussion of ideas and societal issues, but it has been woefully one-sided--made so by far Left Twitter administrators and board members. Now billionaire innovator and tech mogul Elon Musk has become the largest shareholder of the Twitter-verse, and he was promptly appointed to the board.

Musk's actions and words leading up to his purchase are very encouraging, as he appears motivated to restore TRULY FREE speech to the social media giant's platform.

The guys also spend some time on the ever-concerning issue of propaganda being used to drive consumer and citizen behavior, this time when it comes to the "attack on currency." Patrick discusses the false promise of a cashless society becoming established by pointing out the objective reality of currency in the real world. Once again, it's up to free thinkers and free speakers to push back against propaganda!

Those stories and more on this week’s Stand and Deliver!

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