First Amendment: The key to standing up to tyranny

First Amendment: The key to standing up to tyranny

Alex Newman, award-winning journalist, founder of The Liberty Sentinel, and CFFS advisor recently released a video on what we must do to fight back against the next wave of COVID tyranny. I encourage you to watch the entire video as it provides insights and encouragement from a variety of leaders in the freedom movement. The primary takeaway is that everything we need to fight back is wrapped up in the First Amendment.

After you watch the video, keep reading for how CFFS can help equip you with the knowledge, skills, and mindset for taking effective action immediately. Time is of the essence and its up to us to reclaim our freedom and liberty not just for ourselves, but for future generations.   

The video highlights three imperatives for fighting the forces of tyranny. 

1. Act Locally: We have the most power and influence in our local cities, towns, schools, and neighborhoods. And remember, as a Constitutional Republic, the people hold the power but delegate authority to elected representatives. In other words, it is our responsibility as engaged citizens to hold those we elect accountable and not allow them to trample on our rights.

2. Organize, Assemble and Build Relationships: We must get out from behind our devices and keyboards and be a visible and positive voice in our communities. Work in teams, meet your neighbors, and get to know your elected officials. 

3. Bring Your Gifts to the Table:  Everyone has something to contribute. If you're not already involved in some area of freedom-focused activism now is the time to share your time, talent, or treasure. 

Accelerate Your Impact

CFFS launched the Local Activist Accelerator learning community in June where we train, coach, and equip you with strategies to transfer your new skills into practice. What has taken other grassroots activists years to learn can be quickly mastered in weeks. Stand up for your family, your future, and your freedom. Be part of a proactive and encouraging community leading the way toward a brighter tomorrow.