Free Speech As "Domestic Terrorism" Could Be Codified Into Law 

Free Speech As "Domestic Terrorism" Could Be Codified Into Law 

Parents designated as domestic terrorists for arguing with school boards may soon be codified in American law. The designation came after the US Department of Justice prompted and received a letter from the National School Boards Association complaining of parents’ behavior at board meetings. Now, a bill in the Judiciary Committee would cement the language as law.

In Episode 7 of Stand & Deliver Patrick Wood and Bob Frantz discuss this and Tucker Carlson being threatened with charges of treason for using free speech to disagree with the government’s policy on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.











And finally, VICTORY in Alabama! A man and his personalized license plate are reunited after the state took the plate away for “objectionable language” that was in no way objectionable nor illegal.

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