Free Speech Statesman


Free Speech Statesman is an information-packed, 16 page tabloid (color) newspaper of insightful and action-oriented articles and resources intended to be distributed to all corners of America! This is a major tool for CFFS members to spread the essential message of free speech and how to get involved in their local communities to protect our First Amendment freedoms.

Are you ready to be a distributor for Free Speech Statesman? 

Newspapers are priced between $0.80-$1.00 depending on volume, and are bundled in lots of 25 papers each. 

Will you distribute? This is the best way to reach 75% of Americans who don't "live" on the Internet - right in your own community. Put the message of Free Speech right into their hands to read, share, and encourage them to join CFFS and stand up for their First Amendment rights!

Thoughts on how to distribute:

  • Hand them to a person directly
  • Take them to a meeting and hand them out
  • Leave on doorsteps in your neighborhood
  • Place a stack in a place of business that believes in Free Speech
  • Recruit other distributors and work together to cover your community


Headlines of stories include:

  • The Courageous Story Of The White Rose
  • Decoding Social Media Censorship by the Issues
  • Free Speech has Legal and Ethical Confines, Propaganda Does Not
  • Recognizing the Coordinated Attacks on the First Amendment
  • The Citizen Journalist Challenge
  • Control Your Right to Impact Local Policy
  • Propaganda in the Era of COVID Mania
  • Citizen Ninja Training
  • Local Activist Gold is Found in Your Local City Council
  • Sticks and Stones: The Weaponization of Language
  • A Pastor’s Perspective
  • Habit of the Heart Activism

Questions about being a Free Speech Statesman distributor? Contact us today!