How And Why To Use The CFFS "No Mask" Card

How And Why To Use The CFFS "No Mask" Card

If you are denied entry to a commercial or public building because you are not wearing a mask, then you have a duty to make an appeal to grant access based on a) your right to make your own personal health choices and b) your Constitutional rights under the First Amendment. Wearing the CFFS "No Mask" card is great tool to accomplish both. 

The Big Picture

CFFS No Mask card wearers are making a statement that they do not comply with politically-mandated face mask orders. Wearing a mask has become a symbol of submission to the government as well as to peer pressure. Wearing a CFFS No Mask card is the anti-symbol. CFFS has distributed thousands of No Mask cards around America and its unique color and symbology is easily recognized from a distance. Wear it whenever you leave your home and make a point to engage in a good discussion about it with a few people every week. Be a good ambassador for the First Amendment and freedom to make your own health choices.

Why Wear The CFFS No Mask card

There are two reasons to wear the CFFS No Mask card.

  1. You are exercising your Constitutional right to free speech and the First Amendment. Mandates to wear a face mask and to practice social distancing violate your First Amendment rights to Free Speech and Peaceable Assembly.
  2. You are exercising your right and responsibility to be the sole judge of your own health. If you believe that wearing a mask is detrimental to your health, or if you have an underlying condition that would prevent you from wearing one, then you are opting to not wear one.

Make an Appeal

Making an appeal should be a calm explanation of your position without becoming argumentative or combative. If entry is simply not possible, then you have a choice to make: either walk away or wear a mask for a short period. If you are entering a hospital to visit a loved one, for instance, they will likely not let you in without a mask. For commercial businesses that stubbornly deny entry, you can take your business elsewhere.

Do not threaten personnel with huge fines over violations from the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). With regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, neither agency is enforcing their own regulations to protect the health of American citizens and workers and the courts are not currently interested in forcing them to do so. 

The reverse side of the CFFS No Mask card is printed with the First Amendment. With every interaction, you have the opportunity to share what the First Amendment says, why it is important to all Americans and how wearing a mask is a violation of your Free Speech.

CFFS has posted several documents from authoritative sources on the ineffectiveness of face masks to stop the spread of a virus as well as documents showing the health risks of wearing a mask:

Furthermore, CFFS has posted several articles on the unconstitutional nature of COVID-19 mandates:

It is the responsibility of each No Mask card wearer to learn the facts and practice articulating them before getting into a confrontational situation. Nevertheless, the objective should never be to provoke an argument but rather to stimulate an objective and friendly discussion. If that is simply impossible, then be prepared to walk away.  


When you are wearing your CFFS No Mask card, you will find that people often ask you where you got it. Please direct them to the CFFS website. You may also carry an extra card to give to someone who really wants and needs it, but encourage them to go to the CFFS website to join. The CFFS URL is printed on the card and on the lanyard.

Some CFFS No Mask card wearers have donated and asked for several extra cards just in case they have an opportunity to give them away. Some of those ask the recipient for a $5 reimbursement and then come back to CFFS and request more cards.


Many Americans are simply fed up with draconian government mandates to wear face masks, social distance, shutter businesses and regulate every aspect of life outside their home. Whenever our First Amendment rights are in conflict with an Executive Order issued by a government official, the First Amendment must always take priority. Since the government is not currently protecting the First Amendment, it is critical for American citizens to stand firm in the exercise of these rights.

Actions speak louder than words!


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  • Evonne Kohon
    commented 2021-09-29 13:51:48 -0700
    Here’s are a couple of questions to ask anyone who requires a mask to enter a premises. Where’s your hazmat suit? If this alleged virus is so dangerous, why aren’t you wearing a hazmat suit and following hazmat protocols?
  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2021-09-29 11:27:06 -0700
    Dear friends at CFFS:

    Well, things on this notice board would appear to be a little quiet since the CDC’s momentous announcement 4 months ago, and we, here in New York City, are now confronting new levels of bioweapon-related coercion with our over-reaching Mayor’s Key to NYC program. However, I did want to report that the muzzles have definitely retreated; one can enter probably 80% of the businesses in my neighborhood without hindrance, and that has definitely improved my quality of life. I would likewise estimate that 80% of people are not wearing them outside, despite the dreaded Delta “variant”; this is a marked contrast to a year ago, and in the wake of this, human kindness and communication have also returned.

    On another note, our transit authority has now stepped up enforcement of the CDC’s illegal dictates regarding public transportation, and I have not ridden the subway since that announcement (traveled to the last protest in Times Square both ways without difficulty). Prior to that, however, nobody appeared to care what you did. I will have to see what happens; other colleagues in the resistance have reported that there does not seem to be an increased enforcement presence.

    But, in any case, I encourage all of you to continue to resist these illegal, unconstitutional mandates, and claim your freedoms back!!

    Happy autumn!!

  • Heinz Bartesch
    commented 2021-09-28 21:25:25 -0700
    so where/how do I get mine???
  • Mary Mauerer
    commented 2021-05-26 12:15:44 -0700
    No worries Micheal, Thanks for you commenting and sharing all that you have!
  • Pene Murdoch
    commented 2021-05-26 03:51:02 -0700
    That’s great news Michael. Here in upstate Michigan there are only a couple of people here and there still wearing and that’s their choice. Otherwise, smiling faces are everywhere. But… let us not get too overconfident. They are still testing our children in school weekly. We may have to get on the no vax bandwagon soon and make them stop vaxing. Also, they are planning to roll out shot #3 in September. And the mask thing won’t go away as unless we are all watching. Today, enjoy the victories.
  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2021-05-25 20:56:51 -0700
    Dear friends:

    Just a quick report once again from Manhattan, where the mask requirements are magically evaporating in the wake of the CDC announcement more than a week ago. Today I made a point of entering a coffee shop that wouldn’t serve me months ago, and that I have since boycotted … no mask signs, no mask, no problem. The grocery store down the block where I had a huge and ugly confrontation a couple of months ago … once again, no signs, no mask, no problem. Thus far, despite Emperor Cuomo’s Excelsior Passport, no local businesses in our neighborhood seem inclined to confront people who are not wearing the hated muzzles to inquire about their bioweapon status (which is, of course, against the law) … the signs are disappearing (I don’t have to tear them down now), and the antagonism with them. I do believe that this has been a turning point, although the struggle is far from over.

    I hope that all of you are reclaiming your rights as citizens to go where and when you please without hindrance, whatever the “local” ordinances might be, and claim those services that you desire. Godspeed. mf
  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2021-05-20 21:02:14 -0700
    Dear friends:

    Update: the “new normal” is on the retreat, the muzzles are on their way out … here’s a report from the trenches here in the Northeast:

    A day trip to Danbury, CT; of course, CT immediately ditched its mask requirement after the CDC announcement.

    The sea-change actually began at our Avis car rental dealer in our neighborhood; we both walked in, bold as brass, no muzzles, fully prepared to encounter resistance … nothing was said.

    Rampant normality was likewise very much in evidence in Danbury; we visited Traitor Joe’s, as was our wont before all this lunacy began, and it was as if COVID never happened. No mask signs, no social distancing, no guards at the door, no questions … people couldn’t have been nicer; the vast majority of the customers were, naturally, still sporting their slave regalia, but not everyone. An older man wearing a mask passed by me, and patted me on the shoulder!! Don’t quite know why … a great victory for individual dignity and freedom, even if most in these parts don’t want to reclaim them. Their loss …

    Even though, as you know, I have refused to comply with any of these muzzle mandates for more than a year, and have had no compunction about confronting grocery store and other personnel in defense of my refusal to comply, I was slightly hypervigilant in TJ’s, after seeing some of those horrific videos of their militant employees online. But it’s like they just switched off that Nazi stuff once the CDC pulled the rug out from under Cuomo and the other dictatorial governors … same thing in the shoe store, and also at the dentist’s office (and we are supposed to wear the face diapers in medical establishments, according to the CDC). They took my partner’s temperature, but didn’t bother me in the slightest. Again, everyone was extremely cordial.

    As I’ve opined to you and others, now that “fully bioweaponed” individuals can go back to their normal lives, more or less … it does seem as if it’s “game over” for the muzzles here in the States. The previously willing collaborators in the tyranny no longer know who the enemy is, and they are opting out. Here in our neighborhood it’s still pretty much wall-to-wall sheeple, but elsewhere, in Central Park, walking home from the car rental agency this evening, in the bars and restaurants, the toxic “new normal” is on the retreat.

    The battle’s not over, but this was a major concession by those pulling the strings, and a victory for civil liberties. As I’ve said, this particular “horse” is out of the barn, and I don’t honestly think they will be able to corral it again. Bioweapon passports, which are supposedly in the offing, are more or less DOA, with legislation being passed against them (even though New York has its limited Excelsior Pass; won’t impact me).

    So, I hope that you will take heart from this account, and have the audacity to demand that those who have shunned you now, once again, treat you as a human being. They really have no other choice, although some may resist.

    Blessings to all, mf
  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2021-05-17 11:15:44 -0700
    Dear Mary Maurer: I have been remiss in not responding to your kind remarks of 10 days ago; I really do appreciate it, and I hope that you will take to heart my post of today about the fact that the little game of masks is now history. Blessings, mf
  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2021-05-17 11:12:42 -0700
    Dear fellow patriots and friends:

    Greetings once again from New York, where, in the wake of the CDC announcement and concessions last week, all “fully vaccinated”, i.e., against stupidity, citizens are now free to do as they damn well please (as I have all along, although I must admit that it has not been fun to constantly gird my loins for conflict whenever I leave the apartment).

    As I’ve said to several people, they’ve let the horse out of the barn … game over. This pathetic “mask-erade”, this COVID charade, is going the way of the dinosaurs, at least if I have anything to say about it. The distinction between un-bioweaponed, i.e., healthy, people, and those who have, for whatever reason, submitted themselves to this heinous experiment, is no longer readily apparent to those collaborators who have aligned themselves with this neo -totalitarian dictatorship. It is a great victory for freedom, in my estimation, and I hope that all will be heartened by these revelations.

    For example, my partner, Mary E, and I will be driving on Thursday to Darien, CT (where they have dropped their statewide mask mandates), and I have every intention of walking into the local Traitor Joe’s to do some shopping; of course, they have only dropped their muzzle requirement for the v’d, but they will be powerless to keep me out. I have no obligation to provide them with any documentation regarding my health, and they can, in a short and pithy phrase, suck it.

    Join me in reclaiming our public and private spaces from the minions of this illegal medical tyranny!! Godspeed. mf
  • Mary Mauerer
    commented 2021-05-06 19:19:14 -0700
    Good for you for standing your ground Michael and that store Mgr. took care of you he wasn’t a jerk about it! Yes there are still to many sheepless zombies out there, to late to be changed! We just got to take care of ourselves and do what we know is right! and spread the word when we can. I live in Ohio where we have the mandates as well, sadly, ha. It is nice seeing more things opening up too! Enjoy your Central Prk this summer, a beautiful place to see and better without seeing anyone masked up! Lol Take good care.
  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2021-05-06 18:38:57 -0700
    Dear Patriot Pene:

    Thanks so much for your kind response to my most recent post; I feel that it’s so important that we share these stories of defiance in the face of this tyranny so that others will realize that these illegal dictates can be thwarted, and pluck up their courage to resist.

    While I have never relished living in New York (came here to pursue an opera career many years ago), things here in our neighborhood on the Upper East Side appear more and more normal, at least in levels of activity, but the near ubiquitous muzzles are certainly a blight on the landscape. I saw quite a few people without the masks today, especially in Central Park. NYS is expected to reopen completely very soon, and I think it’s only a matter of time before all the states will have to cave on these lockdown restrictions. That being said, my patience with these brain-dead zombies wanes with each passing day, and my contempt for their cowardice is barely held in check.

    My biggest complaint, at this juncture, is not being able to travel (won’t fly ever again if I am expected to comply with any of these COVID restrictions; will drive everywhere); we normally traveled and taught seminars 80% of the time, a good deal of them internationally. At this point, I would like a change of scenery, and a break in the routine. But, otherwise, I am living my life exactly as I see fit; I remain creative and full of joy — with an utter lack of fear.

    I applaud your courage, as well, as I have read your accounts of your skirmishes with these cowards and collaborators. I’m envious that you have more contact with nature there in the UP, as Central Park is our only such resource here; but it is beautiful, especially in the spring.

    I send my very best, and thank you again for your support. mf
  • Pene Murdoch
    commented 2021-05-06 15:44:25 -0700
    Dear Michael, I commend you. You are brave and right and I will pray for you. NY must be an awful hard place to live in. I’m in upstate Michigan and although we have an awful governor, many of us, like me, can hide out in the forests. In my county, we have only had 35 deaths total. I believe it’s because most of us have immunity. Nevertheless, the mask thing is still up and running, especially with the very old and 20 -30 age group. Our kids are back in school, and we try to just ignore the governor and do as we please. No one has ever bothered or threatened me for not wearing a mask, but, I have to say, I don’t go to town much. I have a great homestead and there is no reason to leave. I haven’t been on much lately. We are doing survival prep and have a lot of work to do. The hardest part is scheduling contractors and workers to come and work. But, its happening. The worst part lately is the vaxed people who are shedding the spike proteins. Very dangerous. They SHOULD be wearing masks for punishment. The masks won’t do much good we know. Pfiser even put on their website that vaxed people should stay away from unvaxed because the vaxed people can make them sick. How’s that for a twist. My response to all this in the beginning was anger, but that was bad for me, so now I am using that for determination and fortitude. I’ll fight til the end and I’m 77. These upstart woke cultists are not going to get us all. Blessings. PatriotPene
  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2021-05-06 14:05:29 -0700
    Dear friends:

    Hello again from the frontlines in New York!! I trust that all of you remain well, despite the attempts by everyone in authority to argue that everyone is a disease vector.

    I wanted to share my most recent experience with the illegal mask mandates here in New York. I remain astonished at the absolute knee-jerk compliance with these dictatorial fiats from governors and mayors, and the arrogance of local merchants who believe that they are exempt from local health department guidelines which exempt people from wearing these muzzles who have a valid medical concern about their health.

    Yet another grocery store, at which we have shopped during the entire bogus pandemic, attempted to give me the bum’s rush and deny me service yesterday. I flashed my copy of the NYS Department of Health’s guidelines at a couple of people, and a cashier said that I would have to talk to the manager. I responded by telling him that the manager could come and talk to me. Shall I mention that the store was largely empty?

    They directed me to another checkout line, and one of the cashiers attempted to bully me into leaving, standing toe to toe with me (so much for social distancing) saying that I would not be permitted to purchase my groceries. I began reading the document to him, and he endeavored to fob me off by saying that they were not subject to those guidelines. I inquired, “Oh, are you an essential business, or no?” I then began reading the document very quietly, and said that I would not be leaving. I suggested that he go ahead and call the police.

    Some male zombie nearby chimed in at this point, and said that I was trying to provoke a lawsuit, and I told him that I was endeavoring to pay for my groceries, and to mind his own damn business.

    Finally, the manager came over, and I more or less read him the riot act, inquiring as to why, after 13 months, we were still expected to comply with this ridiculous BS, now that everyone’s vaccinated (not me, not ever), etc. I informed him that we’ve been shopping there for years, and we can certainly take our 1,000s of dollars of business elsewhere in the future. He agreed that he would check me out.

    Having received my due as a human being, I engaged him in conversation, asked his name, attempted to shake his hand (he demurred), and we finished the transaction amiably. Here’s the kicker: he is a former cashier, who recognized me (and remembered my partner, Mary E). He said that management is adamant about their policy, and I said that it is illegal and discriminatory. I thanked him graciously for treating me like a person, and took my leave. I said that he would be seeing me again, a loyal customer who has consistently supported them during these extraordinary times.

    I won’t burden you with the details of yet another female zombie’s attempt, on my way out of the store, to shame me for refusing to comply; it is all extremely tedious. I don’t know what the manager, L, thought, about me (nor the other employees), but I really don’t care; I will be sharing the details of this exchange with the management of this store, although I will not name names.

    However, my point is, as ever: don’t comply, don’t back down, don’t let these collaborators, these good Germans, deprive you of your dignity and your rights as a free citizen. I can’t wait for the day when I can walk into businesses such as these with a bunch of maskless colleagues, and see what they think they can do. As I have seen repeatedly, they are more or less powerless against one person determined not to yield.

    Happy spring, and keep fighting the good fight!! mf
  • Jess Oberle
  • Evonne Kohon
    commented 2021-04-13 21:06:42 -0700
    The last link that Jess posted from Johns Hopkins has been taken down. It was pretty creepy stuff and I guess they weren’t keen on sharing that with us regular people.
  • Jess Oberle
    commented 2021-04-13 16:31:45 -0700
    THANK YOU!!!!!
    Michael Fiacco for posting the link about face diapers.
    I am sending to everyone!
    Finally in your face with this crap straight from the horses mouth 😁
  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2021-04-13 14:37:24 -0700
    Dear friends:

    Hello again from Manhattan, where it’s a lovely spring day, and the zombies are in full bloom!! I wanted to share the following with you; make sure that you examine the embedded table, which you could print off/send to others:

    I came across this article on one of my Telegram channels yesterday (perhaps some of you have seen it); it is on the web site of the National Institute of Health (November 2020):

    It sums up the health impacts and consequences quite succinctly; share with all your maskelite friends!! M (unfortunately I can’t attach the jpg of it here)

    PS: And, of course, they don’t mention the mysterious fibers!!
  • Jess Oberle
    commented 2021-04-13 11:47:06 -0700
    I agree with Pene on the worms in pcr tests and masks. Morgellons and Micelles to be exact. There are a ton of videos showing this right out of the package. There are websites also showing proof this technology exists. Here are just a few.!divAbstract

    I will not wear a mask. Plus I have health issues. I found the lanyard to be helpful in the beginning…however being I live in Florida I have not had to use it anymore.
    There was someone in Ft Lauderdale area that just did a million mask March with mask burning and protests last week. I’m hoping to attempt the same in my area Tampa Bay!
    To Freedom 🇺🇸
  • Evonne Kohon
    commented 2021-04-08 14:49:08 -0700
    I think we are in WWlll. It’s asymmetrical warfare, or whatever they call it. The endgame is depopulation. Whatever are we doing on their planet, anyway?

    Even though our state is declared “open” for bidness, the slaves scream for more safety and protection from “the government”, our oppressors.

    I go nowhere without my lanyard, but I am still disturbed by the diapered faces of the compliant slaves.

    Who needs an actual virus when a story about them works far better?
  • Pene Murdoch
    commented 2021-04-08 14:27:02 -0700
    EK they left something out about their little 25-28 scenario. What about the projected wwIII that is supposed to start then. Geez we can’t get a break. Enjoy each day that you wake up. It may be your last.
  • Evonne Kohon
    commented 2021-04-08 12:52:00 -0700
    Here is what’s on the agenda and they give us their scripts. From Johns Hopkins:
  • Mary Mauerer
    commented 2021-04-08 11:26:54 -0700
    Yep you still can get sick after getting the vaccine it’s transmittable to other people believe it or not. Ha Dr Tenpenny cancel a lot of good information on the virus and
  • Mary Mauerer
    commented 2021-04-08 07:36:27 -0700
    Morning Patriots, I keep the prayers going that each day can get better with the stress of all the craziness were going through! I wanted to say if there is anyone in my area, Cleveland Oh. I would like to meet more like minded people to share stories and be active with groups with out wearing a mask! Lol Email is [email protected] thanks and have a great day! mary
  • Pene Murdoch
    commented 2021-04-08 07:23:36 -0700
    Here in Michigan, 36% of vaxed people yet we still have the highest case rate in the country. Why. If people would look they would find where swabs and masks have been found to have nano worms and fibers that are dangerous. Just recently it was reported that here in MI 236 people were vaxed and all got covid. 11 ended up in the hospital, 3 died who were over 65. I have a scarf I put across my mouth and nose when entering places and then just relax once I am in. I have not worn a mask since day one. I’m 77 and healthy. In my city only 28 people have died, mostly older. Yet, people are nuts over this edict to wear a mask and get tested. Wake the people up.
  • Mary Mauerer
    commented 2021-04-08 07:13:39 -0700
    About the no mask card. Yes it is our choice if we decide not to ware the mask. If someone is waring a mask, diaper, they are protecting them self and they shouldn’t be spreading any germs to someone else, right!! And we are doing this why, forced to ware a mask for a virus that is 99.9 % recovery rate! ha If we had everyone Stand up and take the masks off Enough is Enough entering any establishment that sure would make a difference wouldn’t it to those store owner and managers! Lol
  • Susan Allen
    commented 2021-03-19 08:34:21 -0700
    Here in NE Ohio… I go out without a mask, wearing my lanyard and Exemption card, and just flash it and say “I have a medical exemption”- Flash it and keep moving. Don’t stop for conversation, take authority and keep moving! Also, don’t forget to SMILE a lot while you are shopping. People, especially babies need to be smiled at and appreciate a smile. People are not hostile toward me for not wearing a mask because I am smiling and very friendly. 😁
  • Mary Mauerer
    commented 2021-03-15 06:55:55 -0700
    There are certain stores in my area that don;t care if your wearing the cards saying your medically exempt you still can’t be in the store, they say you wont be served unless you have a mask on! Marc’s Giant eagle and Heinen’s stores ridiculous how they treat persons without a mask on! I don;t go in those stores any more!
  • Mary Mauerer
    commented 2021-03-15 06:51:07 -0700
    I agree I don’t wear those face mussels,ha and I’m glad I don’t! I still feel like I am the only one in a store with out one and always get looked at by the masks up people, but it doesn;t bother me as much as it did before! Hopefully all this nonsense will go away this year God willing! Lol I wish we saw more people out there not conforming and be brave and not wear the awful mussels on there faces!
  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2021-03-14 20:52:56 -0700
    Dear Jane Dare: Yes, I largely agree with you about those that are either the mouthpieces, or the enforcers, of this tyranny. Many of them are compelled to comply by their employers, and would be in danger of losing their jobs if they didn’t mouth the party line, but, despite that, there remain those who simply ignore the dictates, as well. We were banned from the health food store across the street some time ago, and yet I can still go in there and get service from the employees who are well acquainted with me after many years of patronage, many of whom are chafing under the burden of these illegal muzzles, etc. But the willing collaborators who throng the city streets will eventually pay the price of their compliance. Cheers.
  • Karen Gallagher
    commented 2021-03-14 18:31:40 -0700
    I often say to those who wear the self suffocation device as well as those considering the human 2.0 death vax….DON’T GET ON THE TRAIN TO AUSCHWITZ!! Most don’t listen…they board the train. For me, NO WAY!