How And Why To Use The CFFS "No Mask" Card

How And Why To Use The CFFS "No Mask" Card

If you are denied entry to a commercial or public building because you are not wearing a mask, then you have a duty to make an appeal to grant access based on a) your right to make your own personal health choices and b) your Constitutional rights under the First Amendment. Wearing the CFFS "No Mask" card is great tool to accomplish both. 

The Big Picture

CFFS No Mask card wearers are making a statement that they do not comply with politically-mandated face mask orders. Wearing a mask has become a symbol of submission to the government as well as to peer pressure. Wearing a CFFS No Mask card is the anti-symbol. CFFS has distributed thousands of No Mask cards around America and its unique color and symbology is easily recognized from a distance. Wear it whenever you leave your home and make a point to engage in a good discussion about it with a few people every week. Be a good ambassador for the First Amendment and freedom to make your own health choices.

Why Wear The CFFS No Mask card

There are two reasons to wear the CFFS No Mask card.

  1. You are exercising your Constitutional right to free speech and the First Amendment. Mandates to wear a face mask and to practice social distancing violate your First Amendment rights to Free Speech and Peaceable Assembly.
  2. You are exercising your right and responsibility to be the sole judge of your own health. If you believe that wearing a mask is detrimental to your health, or if you have an underlying condition that would prevent you from wearing one, then you are opting to not wear one.

Make an Appeal

Making an appeal should be a calm explanation of your position without becoming argumentative or combative. If entry is simply not possible, then you have a choice to make: either walk away or wear a mask for a short period. If you are entering a hospital to visit a loved one, for instance, they will likely not let you in without a mask. For commercial businesses that stubbornly deny entry, you can take your business elsewhere.

Do not threaten personnel with huge fines over violations from the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). With regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, neither agency is enforcing their own regulations to protect the health of American citizens and workers and the courts are not currently interested in forcing them to do so. 

The reverse side of the CFFS No Mask card is printed with the First Amendment. With every interaction, you have the opportunity to share what the First Amendment says, why it is important to all Americans and how wearing a mask is a violation of your Free Speech.

CFFS has posted several documents from authoritative sources on the ineffectiveness of face masks to stop the spread of a virus as well as documents showing the health risks of wearing a mask:

Furthermore, CFFS has posted several articles on the unconstitutional nature of COVID-19 mandates:

It is the responsibility of each No Mask card wearer to learn the facts and practice articulating them before getting into a confrontational situation. Nevertheless, the objective should never be to provoke an argument but rather to stimulate an objective and friendly discussion. If that is simply impossible, then be prepared to walk away.  


When you are wearing your CFFS No Mask card, you will find that people often ask you where you got it. Please direct them to the CFFS website. You may also carry an extra card to give to someone who really wants and needs it, but encourage them to go to the CFFS website to join. The CFFS URL is printed on the card and on the lanyard.

Some CFFS No Mask card wearers have donated and asked for several extra cards just in case they have an opportunity to give them away. Some of those ask the recipient for a $5 reimbursement and then come back to CFFS and request more cards.


Many Americans are simply fed up with draconian government mandates to wear face masks, social distance, shutter businesses and regulate every aspect of life outside their home. Whenever our First Amendment rights are in conflict with an Executive Order issued by a government official, the First Amendment must always take priority. Since the government is not currently protecting the First Amendment, it is critical for American citizens to stand firm in the exercise of these rights.

Actions speak louder than words!


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  • Jess Oberle
  • E K
    commented 2021-04-13 21:06:42 -0700
    The last link that Jess posted from Johns Hopkins has been taken down. It was pretty creepy stuff and I guess they weren’t keen on sharing that with us regular people.
  • Jess Oberle
    commented 2021-04-13 16:31:45 -0700 · Flag
    THANK YOU!!!!!
    Michael Fiacco for posting the link about face diapers.
    I am sending to everyone!
    Finally in your face with this crap straight from the horses mouth 😁
  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2021-04-13 14:37:24 -0700
    Dear friends:

    Hello again from Manhattan, where it’s a lovely spring day, and the zombies are in full bloom!! I wanted to share the following with you; make sure that you examine the embedded table, which you could print off/send to others:

    I came across this article on one of my Telegram channels yesterday (perhaps some of you have seen it); it is on the web site of the National Institute of Health (November 2020):

    It sums up the health impacts and consequences quite succinctly; share with all your maskelite friends!! M (unfortunately I can’t attach the jpg of it here)

    PS: And, of course, they don’t mention the mysterious fibers!!
  • Jess Oberle
    commented 2021-04-13 11:47:06 -0700 · Flag
    I agree with Pene on the worms in pcr tests and masks. Morgellons and Micelles to be exact. There are a ton of videos showing this right out of the package. There are websites also showing proof this technology exists. Here are just a few.!divAbstract

    I will not wear a mask. Plus I have health issues. I found the lanyard to be helpful in the beginning…however being I live in Florida I have not had to use it anymore.
    There was someone in Ft Lauderdale area that just did a million mask March with mask burning and protests last week. I’m hoping to attempt the same in my area Tampa Bay!
    To Freedom 🇺🇸
  • E K
    commented 2021-04-08 14:49:08 -0700
    I think we are in WWlll. It’s asymmetrical warfare, or whatever they call it. The endgame is depopulation. Whatever are we doing on their planet, anyway?

    Even though our state is declared “open” for bidness, the slaves scream for more safety and protection from “the government”, our oppressors.

    I go nowhere without my lanyard, but I am still disturbed by the diapered faces of the compliant slaves.

    Who needs an actual virus when a story about them works far better?
  • Pene Murdoch
    commented 2021-04-08 14:27:02 -0700 · Flag
    EK they left something out about their little 25-28 scenario. What about the projected wwIII that is supposed to start then. Geez we can’t get a break. Enjoy each day that you wake up. It may be your last.
  • E K
    commented 2021-04-08 12:52:00 -0700 · Flag
    Here is what’s on the agenda and they give us their scripts. From Johns Hopkins:
  • Mary Mauerer
    commented 2021-04-08 11:26:54 -0700
    Yep you still can get sick after getting the vaccine it’s transmittable to other people believe it or not. Ha Dr Tenpenny cancel a lot of good information on the virus and
  • Mary Mauerer
    commented 2021-04-08 07:36:27 -0700
    Morning Patriots, I keep the prayers going that each day can get better with the stress of all the craziness were going through! I wanted to say if there is anyone in my area, Cleveland Oh. I would like to meet more like minded people to share stories and be active with groups with out wearing a mask! Lol Email is [email protected] thanks and have a great day! mary
  • Pene Murdoch
    commented 2021-04-08 07:23:36 -0700
    Here in Michigan, 36% of vaxed people yet we still have the highest case rate in the country. Why. If people would look they would find where swabs and masks have been found to have nano worms and fibers that are dangerous. Just recently it was reported that here in MI 236 people were vaxed and all got covid. 11 ended up in the hospital, 3 died who were over 65. I have a scarf I put across my mouth and nose when entering places and then just relax once I am in. I have not worn a mask since day one. I’m 77 and healthy. In my city only 28 people have died, mostly older. Yet, people are nuts over this edict to wear a mask and get tested. Wake the people up.
  • Mary Mauerer
    commented 2021-04-08 07:13:39 -0700
    About the no mask card. Yes it is our choice if we decide not to ware the mask. If someone is waring a mask, diaper, they are protecting them self and they shouldn’t be spreading any germs to someone else, right!! And we are doing this why, forced to ware a mask for a virus that is 99.9 % recovery rate! ha If we had everyone Stand up and take the masks off Enough is Enough entering any establishment that sure would make a difference wouldn’t it to those store owner and managers! Lol
  • Andre Outlaw
    commented 2021-04-06 10:57:38 -0700 · Flag
    “your right to make your own personal health choices”
    That’s the problem. You’re not only making a choice for your health. You’re also making a choice for the health of people around you. THAT’S why places are asking you to wear a mask.
    If not wearing one ONLY affected you then nobody would ask that you wear one.
  • Susan Allen
    commented 2021-03-19 08:34:21 -0700
    Here in NE Ohio… I go out without a mask, wearing my lanyard and Exemption card, and just flash it and say “I have a medical exemption”- Flash it and keep moving. Don’t stop for conversation, take authority and keep moving! Also, don’t forget to SMILE a lot while you are shopping. People, especially babies need to be smiled at and appreciate a smile. People are not hostile toward me for not wearing a mask because I am smiling and very friendly. 😁
  • Mary Mauerer
    commented 2021-03-15 06:55:55 -0700
    There are certain stores in my area that don;t care if your wearing the cards saying your medically exempt you still can’t be in the store, they say you wont be served unless you have a mask on! Marc’s Giant eagle and Heinen’s stores ridiculous how they treat persons without a mask on! I don;t go in those stores any more!
  • Mary Mauerer
    commented 2021-03-15 06:51:07 -0700
    I agree I don’t wear those face mussels,ha and I’m glad I don’t! I still feel like I am the only one in a store with out one and always get looked at by the masks up people, but it doesn;t bother me as much as it did before! Hopefully all this nonsense will go away this year God willing! Lol I wish we saw more people out there not conforming and be brave and not wear the awful mussels on there faces!
  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2021-03-14 20:52:56 -0700
    Dear Jane Dare: Yes, I largely agree with you about those that are either the mouthpieces, or the enforcers, of this tyranny. Many of them are compelled to comply by their employers, and would be in danger of losing their jobs if they didn’t mouth the party line, but, despite that, there remain those who simply ignore the dictates, as well. We were banned from the health food store across the street some time ago, and yet I can still go in there and get service from the employees who are well acquainted with me after many years of patronage, many of whom are chafing under the burden of these illegal muzzles, etc. But the willing collaborators who throng the city streets will eventually pay the price of their compliance. Cheers.
  • Karen G
    commented 2021-03-14 18:31:40 -0700 · Flag
    I often say to those who wear the self suffocation device as well as those considering the human 2.0 death vax….DON’T GET ON THE TRAIN TO AUSCHWITZ!! Most don’t listen…they board the train. For me, NO WAY!
  • Jane Dare
    commented 2021-03-10 00:26:35 -0700
    “Only following orders” can no longer be tolerated. With every country that has fallen under dictatorial tyranny, that excuse was used til the bitter end and beyond. Those who blindly follow orders can no longer be excused nor un-charged with crimes against humanity…in my opinion.
  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2021-03-09 22:41:25 -0700
    Another dispatch from the New York mask wars, here on the frontlines in Manhattan:

    Well friends and fellow patriots, I have a good report for you today. I didn’t tell you all about my latest exploit; I got kicked out of a grocery store that we have been frequenting since the start of this bogus pandemic. I had had a couple of tense encounters there in the early days, but things had seemed fairly laissez-faire in recent months, and I had even made a couple of shopping trips on my own, without incident.

    However, about 10 days ago, I went in, descended to the basement level, which seemed fairly empty, and was immediately accosted by a tall enforcer, a young man, who I hadn’t seen before. I ignored him, offering my usual medical exemption rejoinder, which he, and an abusive manager, who joined in the fray almost immediately, refused to countenance. The discussion got quite heated, and, at one point, I lost my temper, when, after I dropped my glove on the floor, he said he wouldn’t pick it up, because I was “dirty”. I told him, in no uncertain terms, to F off, and then retreated outside the building for a few minutes, taking my sweet time doing so. Some other interfering busybody inquired as to why I wasn’t wearing a mask, and I told him where to go, as well.

    I then re-entered the upper level, waiting at the top of the escalator for my partner, Mary E, who would need help with the groceries, and who may not have been aware that I had been forcibly ejected (although she told me afterwards that no one in the place could have missed that exchange!). The two of them came up the escalator, and finding me in the entrance, tried to throw me out again … I sashayed through the door, and then leaned up against the outside of the building, blocking the entrance, trying to inquire of the manager, in a very reasonable tone (I said, “Can we talk like human beings?”) why the sudden volte-face, and hard line with someone who had a reasonable excuse for not wearing a mask (not that one is required, as far as I am concerned). She actually locked the door, to keep me out!! Hilarious … by this time, I was quite amused.

    She would not dignify me with a response, and proceeded with any number of threatening remarks and ad hominem attacks (she told me that she would “kick my ass”, if she had the chance). A very nice young man, a guard of sorts who is usually stationed at the top of the escalator, and who knows me quite well, was very courteous, and when I asked what was up, he said that the store had instructed them to take this line. He also went downstairs and told my partner what was going on; I thanked him for his kindness.

    Those two assumed that such a display of hostility would keep me from returning, but they were, naturally, quite wrong. I went home, and wrote a scathing letter to their company, reporting on the abusive treatment I had received, and informing whoever was reading the complaint that such a policy was in violation of the NYS Dept. of Health guidelines, in place since April 2020.

    I never received a reply to that e-mail, but, when I returned today (we didn’t have any reason to shop), no one said “boo” to me. Was it the complaint? I can only assume so. Those two stooges were nowhere in evidence … were they sacked? One can only hope so.

    So, what I have to say to you, in conclusion, fellow members of CFFS, is don’t take “No” for an answer when you confront this tyranny. Stand your ground, and fight back in whatever way you can. These collaborators, who I don’t blame entirely, because they “vere only following orders”, will find out soon enough that they were on the wrong side. Godspeed.
  • Mary Mauerer
    commented 2021-02-28 10:31:34 -0700
    Having the sign I’m pretty sure it would not go over and excepted in Heinen’s grocery store or Giant Eagle here in Cleveland the way they are when I recently was in their stores! They are too much with control?? of telling you not to shop with out a mask on!?? omg To bad all these business’s can be like most stores down in Florida! Lol I recently saw the video from the Alfies grocery store in Naples they welcome you in with or without a mask! wow nice to have that back! one day hopefully, the way it should be everywhere! Good luck to all of us Patriots out there!
  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2021-02-27 01:19:32 -0700
    Dear friends:

    Hi!! I hope that you’re having a good Saturday thus far; it’s late here on Friday night, so I’m going to keep this brief. You may have seen the viral video featuring the flash mob of maskless people, i.e., free Americans, who swarmed a Trader Joe’s in Santa Cruz, CA, and the appalling treatment they received from the staff (and customers).

    I’m including that links to that video, and two others here; the third one calls for a National Day of Masklessness on Sunday, February 28.  The slogan is, “Walk into a Nazi store without a mask”, and then share your photos/video online.

    Do spread the word about this.  These acts of civil disobedience are so important at this juncture, so that people see that not everyone is a happy slave to this medical tyranny.

    Ciao for now, mf

    Here’s the video links:

    Traitor Joes, and call for national day of masklessness on Sunday; “Walk into a Nazi store without a mask”, and show us the pictures, etc.

    Full Traitor Joe’s video:

    “Traitor” Joe’s; re-configuration of the shopping experience, corporate fascism at its best:

    The power of love vs. Traitor Joes, and call for national day of masklessness on Sunday:
  • Mary Mauerer
    commented 2021-02-24 19:17:25 -0700
    I am so over this Covid crap! Lol We are still being told to wear these masks that dont work, forced to put one on at certain stores I go in here in Cle.or I wont be served!?? These leaders of ours, Dr. Vouci included why we still have to listen to this man is beyond me!! its; Tierney what is being done here and all over the world!
  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2021-02-17 22:26:15 -0700
    Dear Evelyn: I’m sorry to hear about your problem with Natural Grocer; it’s difficult when it’s only you trying to confront this monolithic delusion. If you have a group of like-minded souls in your vicinity, you might try what these folks did at a Natural Grocers in Lakewood, CO:

    Flash mob of no-maskers invades Natural Grocers in Lakewood, CO; store powerless to deny them access (service provided). Police do nothing …

    I’ve been going into grocery stores, etc., with my partner for months, with very little in the way of challenge, although I had some pretty heated exchanges with people back in the early days of the phony “pandemic.” More than one threatened to call the police, and I told them to go right ahead. Crickets …

    Today she asked me to go by myself to our local Food Emporium here on the Upper East Side; no one said boo to me, the cashier couldn’t have been nicer.

    But, the problem is, of course, that it really only takes one interfering loon to make an issue of it; I am certainly boycotting a few places in our area, although I go into them whenever I choose just to flaunt my freedom in their muzzled faces. Hang in there!! mf
  • Evelyn T
    commented 2021-02-17 12:02:48 -0700
    I got kicked out of Natural Grocer today & I was wearing the card. Im not going back. Im so tired of all of the uneducated people.
  • Pene Murdoch
    commented 2021-02-12 03:21:19 -0700
    Good for you friend. I too, am still maskless and not sick. I’m in upstate Michigan. It’s cold today and in the minus at night. I have a friend who still wears, and she got a staph infection on her lip. Doctor told her it was from the mask. She’s now can’t wear it because of the infection so she won’t go anywhere. So sad. It’s about 25/75 up here with the 25 being the maskless. Maybe the maskers should wear. Maybe they are not healthy, or feel safe with it on. It’s a personal choice at this point. Keep the faith. Be well.
  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2021-02-12 00:20:13 -0700
    Dear friends:

    More from the mask wars in Manhattan; I so envy those of you who are in Florida. I saw that video of those people in the grocery store in Naples being permitted to be “normal” last week, and it was so heartening. I’m still here in Upper East Side Zombieland.

    However, I continue to never wear a mask, and go in and out of any business that I choose; I was challenged twice in a health food store today, and, on both occasions, I cited the medical exemptions that are on the NYS Department of Health web site, and both men backed down. I even pointed out to one of them that his employer has no right to ask him to wear a mask. The grocery stores seem pretty laissez-faire here at the moment, for the most part. My favorite cafe re-opens for indoor dining tomorrow, and I’ll be in there, without a mask, working on my laptop, enjoying my lunch, with no COVID-19 BS; the manager has said to me previously, “Just be normal.”

    There is a psycho Karen that appears to work in our building, and I have had a couple of run-ins with her during the past week; citing a medical exemption cuts no mustard with her, she just screams, “Wear a mask!”, but I let her have it anyway. I was 20 feet down the corridor from her and her companion, telling her to look up the exemption, and she said “Don’t come any closer,” so I walked further toward her, with my arms outstretched, and said “Ooh, look out, here I come.” Mockery is the only appropriate tool of social interaction with these zombies. I told the doorman on the way out that she doesn’t know who she’s f**king with. Another guy was coming up the corridor yesterday, and backed 10 feet away, and said to him, “Yeah, back up dude … I’m radioactive.”

    I continue to receive service in the health food store that banned us a few weeks ago (they have lost a lot of business from us), and go in whenever I want to say hi to friends.

    We’ve been invited down to Florida this spring, and will probably go during the latter half of March … can’t wait!! Hang in there, and fight the good fight!!
  • Bonnie Jones
    commented 2021-02-11 23:59:39 -0700
    It’s very hard to breathe with a mask on
  • Jane Dare
    commented 2021-02-06 00:59:12 -0700
    Golly, lots of free speech here! Yay! I think with the Scamdemic ramping up and the economy crashing down that bickering probably doesn’t present any viable solutions to this crisis. Partial-human creatures are attempting to take down America, must we care enough to spend energy to respond to what ignorant ones are saying? I don’t think we have the time for that. Just my opinion…
  • Jane Dare
    commented 2021-02-06 00:59:12 -0700
    Golly, lots of free speech here! Yay! I think with the Scamdemic ramping up and the economy crashing down that bickering probably doesn’t present any viable solutions to this crisis. Partial-human creatures are attempting to take down America, must we care enough to spend energy to respond to what ignorant ones are saying? I don’t think we have the time for that. Just my opinion…