How And Why To Use The CFFS "No Mask" Card

How And Why To Use The CFFS "No Mask" Card

If you are denied entry to a commercial or public building because you are not wearing a mask, then you have a duty to make an appeal to grant access based on a) your right to make your own personal health choices and b) your Constitutional rights under the First Amendment. Wearing the CFFS "No Mask" card is great tool to accomplish both. 

The Big Picture

CFFS No Mask card wearers are making a statement that they do not comply with politically-mandated face mask orders. Wearing a mask has become a symbol of submission to the government as well as to peer pressure. Wearing a CFFS No Mask card is the anti-symbol. CFFS has distributed thousands of No Mask cards around America and its unique color and symbology is easily recognized from a distance. Wear it whenever you leave your home and make a point to engage in a good discussion about it with a few people every week. Be a good ambassador for the First Amendment and freedom to make your own health choices.

Why Wear The CFFS No Mask card

There are two reasons to wear the CFFS No Mask card.

  1. You are exercising your Constitutional right to free speech and the First Amendment. Mandates to wear a face mask and to practice social distancing violate your First Amendment rights to Free Speech and Peaceable Assembly.
  2. You are exercising your right and responsibility to be the sole judge of your own health. If you believe that wearing a mask is detrimental to your health, or if you have an underlying condition that would prevent you from wearing one, then you are opting to not wear one.

Make an Appeal

Making an appeal should be a calm explanation of your position without becoming argumentative or combative. If entry is simply not possible, then you have a choice to make: either walk away or wear a mask for a short period. If you are entering a hospital to visit a loved one, for instance, they will likely not let you in without a mask. For commercial businesses that stubbornly deny entry, you can take your business elsewhere.

Do not threaten personnel with huge fines over violations from the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). With regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, neither agency is enforcing their own regulations to protect the health of American citizens and workers and the courts are not currently interested in forcing them to do so. 

The reverse side of the CFFS No Mask card is printed with the First Amendment. With every interaction, you have the opportunity to share what the First Amendment says, why it is important to all Americans and how wearing a mask is a violation of your Free Speech.

CFFS has posted several documents from authoritative sources on the ineffectiveness of face masks to stop the spread of a virus as well as documents showing the health risks of wearing a mask:

Furthermore, CFFS has posted several articles on the unconstitutional nature of COVID-19 mandates:

It is the responsibility of each No Mask card wearer to learn the facts and practice articulating them before getting into a confrontational situation. Nevertheless, the objective should never be to provoke an argument but rather to stimulate an objective and friendly discussion. If that is simply impossible, then be prepared to walk away.  


When you are wearing your CFFS No Mask card, you will find that people often ask you where you got it. Please direct them to the CFFS website. You may also carry an extra card to give to someone who really wants and needs it, but encourage them to go to the CFFS website to join. The CFFS URL is printed on the card and on the lanyard.

Some CFFS No Mask card wearers have donated and asked for several extra cards just in case they have an opportunity to give them away. Some of those ask the recipient for a $5 reimbursement and then come back to CFFS and request more cards.


Many Americans are simply fed up with draconian government mandates to wear face masks, social distance, shutter businesses and regulate every aspect of life outside their home. Whenever our First Amendment rights are in conflict with an Executive Order issued by a government official, the First Amendment must always take priority. Since the government is not currently protecting the First Amendment, it is critical for American citizens to stand firm in the exercise of these rights.

Actions speak louder than words!


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  • Pene Murdoch
    commented 2020-12-07 13:32:11 -0700
    Yes, it’s a stretch for some people to “stand up for their rights”, but once you do it, it gets easier. My first few tries I could feel my b/p going up, but now that I carry my CFFS card and also the statement from the Health Department, I’m more at ease. Besides having a medical reason for not wearing, I am also hearing impaired and can barely hear anyone wearing. Plus, I am asymptomatic. Don’t let anyone bully you. You’ll feel better if you stand up. Trust me.
  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2020-12-07 11:21:26 -0700
    Dear Pene:

    Hi from New York!! Good on you, mate, for not complying with the ridiculous BS at the eye doctor; none of these requirements make any sense.

    I have a similar story; you may recall that we have been banned from our health food store. What with the holiday, and less than inspiring weather, I hadn’t been out of the apartment for a few days. But, yesterday, I was definitely in the mood for some civil disobedience, so I marched right in, and said hello to various employees with whom we are friendly. After I had greeted him with disdain from afar, I was then buttonholed by the assistant manager, who, I’m certain at some level, had been toady to the decision to deny us access (of course, they are powerless to prevent it).

    He made some vague gesture toward his face mask (couldn’t understand him, of course), whereupon I responded that the NYS Dept. of Health did not require me to wear a mask, nor comply with the store’s requirement thereof. Then, to my quiet astonishment, he asked if he could help me with anything. I responded by saying that I’d let him know when I needed his help, and departed.

    About 2 hours later, I decided to test the waters by seeing whether I would be treated as a customer rather than a disease vector; returning to the store, I picked up a single item that we needed, approached one of the tellers, who is always quite friendly, and said, “Will you wait on me?” And he responded, “Of course.” We exchanged pleasantries about the recent holiday, I completed my purchase, and exited; I neither know, nor care, what any of the customers thought.

    So, this is the other thing that you have to bear in mind is that many of the employees in these businesses are fed up after several months of these indignities, and not in sympathy with this mask tyranny. Many have health issues that wearing a mask exacerbates. They are merely complying because they want to keep their jobs, and these individuals are prepared to flout the official dictates if you refuse to heed them.

    I have nothing by sympathy for these persons, but utter contempt for those who have forced these intolerable mandates upon them, and their customers. My advice is, echoing our friend Pene, make yourself aware of the local regulations, which, more often than not, provide definite exemptions, medical and otherwise, and just say NO. Happy holidays!! mf
  • Pene Murdoch
    commented 2020-12-07 04:38:12 -0700
    I went to my county health department online. Here is the mask requirements. Note:
    Exceptions to face mask requirements. Although a face mask is strongly encouraged even for individuals not required to wear one (except for children under the age of 2), the requirement to wear a face mask in this order does not apply to individuals who: Are younger than 5 years old, outside of child-care organization setting (which are subject to requirements set out in section 6(e); Cannot medically tolerate a face mask; Are eating or drinking while seated at a food service establishment; Are exercising outdoors and able to consistently maintain six feet of distance from others; Are swimming; Are receiving a service for which removal of the face mask is necessary; Are asked to temporarily remove a face mask for identification purposes; Are communicating with someone who is deaf, deafblind, or hard of hearing and whose ability to see the mouth is essential to communication; Are actively engaged in a public safety role, including but not limited to law enforcement, firefighters, or emergency medical personnel, and where wearing a face mask would seriously interfere in the performance of their public safety responsibilities; Are at a polling place for purposes of voting in an election; Are engaging in a religious service; or Are giving a speech for broadcast or to an audience, provided that the audience is at least six feet away from the speaker.

    I urge everyone to look up your county requirements.
  • Pene Murdoch
    commented 2020-12-07 04:22:16 -0700
    Last week I went, unmasked, to my eye doctor for a scheduled appointment. I’ve been going to this doctor for at least 10 years. The counter was chest high and covered with plastic shields. There were 5 girls behind the counter wearing masks. I put my hands and purse up on the counter. A masked girl immediately came over and without asking me, sprayed my hands with “something”. I pulled them back and said, “what is that”? She mumbled something I could not hear because of her mask, and I am hearing impaired. Then she said, “you have to wear a mask”. I said, “no I have a medical condition”, she cut me off and said “it’s the law”, again I said, “no it’s not.” To which she told me to go over to a seat. Another employee came over and helped me get my glasses. When she went to take my insurance card up to the “counter police”, she came back with a huge plastic shield and told me the girl wanted me to put it on. I refused. After a while, I finished my business and left. Moral is, you just have to be strong and insist. I was prepared to leave it they wanted me to. I would have called and pestered them to get my glasses ordered or whatever I wanted if necessary.
  • Pene Murdoch
    commented 2020-12-04 02:43:12 -0700
    Thank you for this. I printed it off and stapled it to a small piece of cardboard and keep it in my purse. I do show it when I am approached and it works.
  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2020-12-03 17:58:36 -0700
    Hi, friends, and Happy apres-Thanksgiving!! I hope that all had a fantastic holiday, with as many friends and family as you desired, governors’ orders be ignored.

    The mask wars continue apace here in New York, but, in addition to my CFFS “No Mask” card, I now have a new weapon in my arsenal, a copy of the medical exemption language from the New York State Dept. of Health web site, which states the following regarding mask requirements:

    “If a face covering would inhibit or otherwise impair an individual’s health or if an individual is not older than two (2) years of age, an individual is not required to wear or use such a covering.
    Further, essential business operators and enforcement authorities are prohibited from requesting or requiring medical or other documentation from an individual who declines to wear a face covering due to a medical or other health condition that prevents such usage.”

    While I have not had to cite this language in full to any overly zealous grocery or other employees, it does have a demonstrable effect when mentioned, or shown to those who would request compliance with these illegal dictates. However, today, I took a slightly different tack, as we ventured forth to a new health food store; I carried my copy of the relevant web page printout, in a plastic protector, and held it ready in front of my mouth should I be challenged. Nobody even noticed me at the first store we visited; at the second, an employee tried to hand me a mask, and I demurred, saying “Medical exemption”, and brought forth the document to read it to her. That was good enough; she just requested that I hold it in front of my mouth when near people!! So, it’s my “no mask” armor, both spiritual and physical, in addition to the CFFS sign!!

    I would encourage all to visit the web pages of your state governments, and see if they have language concerning medical exemptions; if so, print it off, and have it at the ready!!

    Happy holidays!! mf
  • Pene Murdoch
    commented 2020-11-23 15:58:33 -0700
    A fine post Michael and we need more people like you coming forward. I’m learning to think on my feet. At a local video store I was stopped at the door and told to mask up,. There was no one else in the store. I said, “oh I don’t have one, could you get me my video for me while I wait here?” Sure she said, then, “on send thought, come on in. Nobody is here.” For the most part, businesses are afraid of the “whistle blowers” who will tell on them and they get a fine. As more people “wake up” it will snowball. Let’s just hope it picks up a little quicker.
  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2020-11-23 14:39:43 -0700
    Dear Pene:

    Hi from New York!! I’m glad to hear that there are some places in this benighted country that still treat people like human beings. We were just barred from the health food store that is catercorner to our apartment building here on the Upper East Side, which we have been patronizing for years. We have confronted any number of “Karens” on their premises in recent months (the store is called Health “Nuts”, so that is probably explanation enough), but I told the manager months ago in a friendly way, providing him with an article on research reporting the useless of masks, that I would not comply, thinking that he was entitled to ask me to leave (he is not). However, after my partner, Mary E, made fun of yet another “Karen” the other day, in a very mild, but theatrical way, he finally went behind our backs to the owner. This was despite the fact that no business in New York State can legally compel people to wear masks, according to guidelines regarding medical exemptions to King Cuomo’s Executive Order found on the NYS Department of Health web site. 2 days later, he gleefully informed my partner, in no uncertain terms, that we could no longer enter the premises (despite the owner having likewise been informed of the illegality of the same).

    I recognize cowardice and double-dealing when I see it, and a lack of loyalty to free citizens who have basically kept his store open (and his job secure) during the worst part of this bogus “pandemic”. I will be in on a regular basis to look at food, and touch anything and everything that I care to; none of the employees (save one, perhaps) is in apparent sympathy with this tyranny, so I will see if any will wait on me. If not, we always can take our considerable amount of legitimate business to their competitors (have already started).

    I encourage any and all of you, should this happen to you, to ignore said policies; unless these stores post armed guards at the door, they cannot keep you out. A reckoning is coming, and these collaborators will find that they have been on the wrong side of history …

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!! mf
  • Pene Murdoch
    commented 2020-11-23 07:41:57 -0700
    While waiting for my card, I copied and printed my own for temporary use. Actually, so far, I have not had to use it as everyone in my small town lets me in without a mask.
  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2020-11-16 15:18:12 -0700
    Dear friends and fellow humans:

    I trust that all remain well during the continuation of this bogus pandemic; I must report a couple of small victories here. I was accosted in two different grocery stores on Saturday, and in both instances, I responded by flashing my CFFS “No Mask” card, saying “medical exemption”, and then pointing out that the NYS Department of Health web site stipulates, in a manner similar to the card, that individuals with medical exemptions cannot be barred from entry for any reason, directly countermanding King Cuomo’s Executive Order. My partner, Mary E, also showed them a printout of the relevant web page. In both instances, the employee backed down and went away.

    After the second encounter (which I’m sure he witnessed), the gray-haired man in line in front of us very querulously demanded that we stand 6 feet away, whereupon I informed him, in no uncertain terms, that the WHO now only stipulates 3 feet of separation, and did not move. He was not happy, of course, but shut up after that.

    While I was waiting for my partner to emerge from the store afterwards, this “Kevin” accosted me yet again, saying that I was “spreading COVID” and I told him to stop getting his talking points from Anthony Fauci (there may have been a few mild profanities, as well). I refuse to yield to these mask-wearing zombies who think that they have the right to tell me what to do.

    None of these Executive Orders from these do-gooder governors and other civic authorities have any teeth on the local level (and most have medical exemptions), so I do encourage you to keep defying them. Obviously, if an establishment feels the need to post security guards at the threshold of their business (as was the case with Sharla), that is a difficult gauntlet to negotiate. Just deny them your patronage in the future …

    Warm regards to all,

    Michael F
  • Sharla Enlow
    commented 2020-11-12 22:32:35 -0700
    On October 18, I was escorted by security off Winstar Casino & Resorts property for refusing to wear a face mask. I was wearing a face shield in accordance with their websites policy of “A face covering must be worn at all times”. I have a physicians letter that I cannot wear a face mask for medical reasons but they refused to look at it. I also pointed out people also in the lobby with no mask or face shield at all and was told, “ They’re not the problem, you are.” Other patrons inside we’re seen by my husband wearing a face shield only(he took a pic) though no one harassed them.

    More happened than that. I had to find a new hotel to stay at for two nights.

    I’ve filed a formal complaint with the ADA/Department of Justice but have heard nothing back as of 11/12/20.
  • Adora (Dodi) Jones
    commented 2020-11-04 15:07:37 -0700
    Michael Fiacco That’s awesome, who would have guessed that such a normal everyday occurrence could bring such joy. Strange times we are living in. I hope more people will support this brave man by going in and having a cup of coffee.
  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2020-11-04 14:09:38 -0700
    Dear friends: Greetings from Manhattan, where we are all “battened down” in anticipation of violence in the wake of this election as yet up for grabs.

    However, on a more positive note, although it isn’t strictly related to our “No Mask” cards, I must report the following:

    A glimmer of normalcy; after almost 8 months of going without, I stopped by my favorite cafe (I’ve done a lot of writing here in recent years), a few days ago, and inquired of the proprietor, Sam, a lovely Egyptian man, what I would have to do to sit at my usual window seat, and he said, “Nothing; just be normal.” Didn’t have to flash my “No Mask” card or explain myself … No mask to enter and order my food, no temperature check, no contact tracing, in short, no phony COVID-19 baloney.

    I can only admire his courage and loyalty to a long-standing customer. I’m here for a second time today, and no change … just a normal experience ordering food from my friend Sam (although, of course, he’s compelled to wear a mask). There’s only one other person in here, dutifully wearing their mask until their food arrives, but I was by myself for a while, which is just fine by me (a fair amount of walk-in trade).

    I don’t know if Sam simply refuses to honor the dictates of our over-reaching governor, Cuomo, but I will tell you that he has never posted any sign about masks. It is heartwarming not to be treated like a disease vector; I only wish that more proprietors of small businesses here would stop complying. I hope that all is well with you!! mf
  • Rita Kollist
    commented 2020-11-03 18:54:30 -0700
    Today we were refused entry into an independent grocery store which we had been to 2 weeks before & entered with no hassle. Today there were 3 young people guarding – almost blocking the entry. Despite my card, despite my statement of being unable to wear a mask safely we were denied. They could shop for me or I could have curbside pick up. I asked if I was being discriminated against? If this was a business open to the public? They stated it was private property once the threshold was crossed. I asked if a mask was a medical device? Was there legislation that had been voted in? Clearly they were trained to turn business away!
    Confrontation is really hard for me even though I have rehearsed in my mind what to say or ask & how to be polite & non-threatening.
    I also had to call my eye doctor today about my upcoming appt this week. They hassled me the last 2 times I was there. Second time I had my card. Office policy they said! Doctor will not see you without a mask they said! He witnessed & heard that last interchange. He has been my doc for 25 years. And I have an eye condition for which I need meds & monitoring. It’s not a simple matter of taking my business elsewhere. I really do not have other choices where I live. Medical practices are the WORST enforcers I my experience & opinion.
    Any advice or suggestions?
  • Ryan Taylor
    commented 2020-10-24 14:22:24 -0700
    Unfortunately, I have been turned away by businesses even if I tell them I have a medical condition or something of that nature. This happened to me most recently at the gym – apparently, if they let me in without a mask, the mask nazis working out inside just see someone without one. These mask nazis don’t ask the owner, or even care if there is an exception – they go directly to the health department and the health department sends someone over to harass the business for not enforcing the mask mandate. It’s absolutely ridiculous.
  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2020-10-10 16:16:46 -0700
    Dear Adora (Dodi):

    I wanted to thank you for your kind remarks concerning my recent posts, especially the one about active social disobedience in the form of removing (clandestinely) those blatant signifiers of the tyranny which has been imposed upon us, in the form of signs regarding obligatory masks and social distancing. Such a choice is, of course, not for everyone …

    I think that what you’re doing is great, too, and very kind … it is important for us not to shy away from endeavoring to inform the “sheeple” about their misguided response to the perceived “dangers” of this bogus pandemic, due to their utter ignorance of information that is readily available, and which clearly reveals the magnitude of the deception which has been used to foment crimes against humanity of a scope which we have never hitherto experienced.

    What continues to disturb me the most is the alacrity with which so many otherwise intelligent people in this country have acceded to a complete violation of their civil rights, their dignity, and their sovereignty to conform with these largely illegal dictates. I would, frankly, have thought that we had more backbone, but I guess that the majority have been well schooled in compliance by the events of recent years, and their immersion in technologies which have rendered them ever more stupid. I would sooner cut off my right arm than give in to these jumped-up “liberal” dictators, and I will continue to resist with all my might, on every level that is available to me. Anyone with half a brain should be able to read the writing on the wall, particularly if they are tuned in to what is happening on a global scale at this point.


  • Adora (Dodi) Jones
    commented 2020-10-06 12:54:55 -0700
    Michael Fiacco, I find you a breath of fresh air to this crisis we are facing and I don’t mean the virus. I have the Osha’s suggestion about mask wearing printed up and I hand them out to people that are wearing mask. I tell them that I stand behind them if they choose to wear a mask and hand them the print out and say then you should wear them correctly. The print out says if you are going to wear a mask you must not wear it for more than a hour then replace it because moisture builds up and bacteria can form and make them sick. Then I smile and say have a safe day. I’ve had a nice response so far.
  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2020-10-06 05:27:48 -0700
    Dear friends:

    I don’t know if what I’m about to post here will resonate with you, or be strictly in alignment with the “non-confrontational” nature of this group, but, what I have been doing since the beginning of this phony crisis is engaging in active civil disobedience — tearing down, defacing, or otherwise damaging any and all signs regarding mask wearing and social distancing posted in our immediate vicinity, on buildings, in parks, etc. Our super, who is not in sympathy with these ridiculous guidelines, has been forced, at the behest of the landlord, to repeatedly post signs in the lobby of our building which my wife and I have secretly torn down, with no repercussions. The last batch, which I summarily removed last week, have not returned.

    There are two buildings a few blocks away that have had the temerity to post signs outside in seating areas/parks informing people that they have to wear masks outside (of course, that is the “official” policy in New York at present — over my dead body; many of those signs have now disappeared, tossed into the garbage, shredded, etc., and have not reappeared. I have made a point of liberating them from over a series of visits; I even went so far as to bend a metal sign that I could not remove by other means.

    I feel that it’s imperative that these markers of oppression not be permitted to linger in place in public and insult our intelligence, or, more importantly, serve as a reminder of the incipient tyranny into which we have all descended, and to which the legions of mask-wearing zombies have all too willingly acceded. Perhaps one courageous person out there will have noted the disappearance of these heinous advisories, and be encouraged to resist, as well. The unwillingness to tolerate symbols of repression is a vital part of the resistance to totalitarian regimes throughout human history; these signs are the most recent example thereof. Strike back if you are so motivated!!

    Blessings to all,

  • Michael Fiacco
    commented 2020-10-06 04:58:04 -0700
    Dear Patrick and like-minded citizens:

    Perhaps you might find this of interest:

    I attempted to enter a bookstore in our neighborhood, which is “CDC compliant”, but, while peacefully and happily browsing, was requested to leave. I wrote the manager to complain that current CDC guidelines stipulate that people who have “breathing problems” are not required to wear these heinous face masks.

    I received the sort of reply I might have expected, and sent the following by way of response:

    Thank you for your prompt response to my inquiry; I suppose that I should have expected such a woefully uninformed perspective, as that is what passes for knowledge of the real impact of the supposed COVID-19 from the vast majority of the populace, who persist in running around this city attired as if they were in a bad sci-fi film.

    At this point, I am sick to death of the sanctimonious tone of the manifold mouthpieces of this tyranny such as yourself, who, stemming from your enormous compassion, have nothing better to do than facilitate the continued abrogation of individual civil rights, and human dignity, as well as the unreasoning demands of those neurotic, interfering, busybodies who said that I made them “uncomfortable.”

    I will most assuredly not patronize your store if I am compelled to wear a mask to do so. Yes, there were a few other persons in the store at the time that I chose to enter, as a free citizen in excellent health, but none of them were in any “danger” from my presence, except, of course, in their own minds, as they obviously lack the ability to think for themselves at this point.

    There is a wealth of online evidence to suggest that momentary contact with other persons in passing is incapable of spreading anything, let alone this imaginary virus, particularly if they are silent. Of course, one would require a modicum of common sense to realize this, without taking one’s talking points from the media, and the well-meaning idiots in charge.

    I realize, of course, that you’re only doing your job, although it’s patently obvious that you yourself are invested in this ridiculous propaganda. From the lack of patronage in the store yesterday evening, compared to normal times, I would think that you would be better advised not to bar entry to those persons who would continue to want to buy books from you — and I do not mean online — during this time at which your business is, most assuredly, at a low ebb.

    However, your decisions regarding this matter are your own, and those of the owners; I trust that you will be able to live, over time, with such a short-sighted, nonsensical perspective regarding a contagion which is no more deadly than a seasonal flu.

    I have been a happy customer of Shakespeare and Co. for close to 40 years, but I will take my business elsewhere for the foreseeable future.

    I wish you continued health and well-being in your sterile bubble, and hope that the store survives the negative impacts upon patronage that are the result of these ludicrous, and discriminatory, policies.

    Healthily yours,
  • Adora (Dodi) Jones
    commented 2020-10-05 23:30:20 -0700
    I’ve worn my card when I go shopping but in my town no one has been made to wear mask. A lot of people do wear mask but many like myself don’t. No one has said anything to me about my not wearing a mask, I live in a small town in Northern California. Stay Safe everyone.
  • Bill Gray
    commented 2020-10-05 20:46:00 -0700
    Watch this quickly, it will most certainly be taken down…
  • Rita Kollist
    commented 2020-09-30 14:55:02 -0700
    Today as we walked into Publix where there had never before been a problem a woman turned & confronted us I held up my card & said medically exempt. It was ok by the store gatekeepers. Soon after we were accosted & trailed by store personnel. My card sufficed & then they tried to cover by saying can we help you find something?! All this time my hubs was not wearing his card/lanyard. He is tall & intimidating to most people. So they came after me. Pretty sure the woman who confronted us on the way in went straight to the managers & ‘reported’ us. This Publix store is no longer a friendly place. They let a bully dictate their actions. Of course for all we or the store knows she was some sort or unannounced surprise inspector. I really sympathize with businesses that are trying to survive.
  • Diane Witte
    commented 2020-09-29 08:39:18 -0700
    “Does Citizens for Free Speech have recommendations for lawyers or procedures to initiate a suit? If nobody takes action, the cards are of limited value.”
    George Forsythe, go to (Pam Popper) and (Peggy Hall). These 2 are working independently to on lawsuits and one if them (I think Peggy) is working on putting together a list of like-minded attorneys from around the country so anyone, like us, can talk to and get their help.
  • Evonne Kohon
    commented 2020-09-21 00:02:15 -0700
    Bill Gray. Thank you for your comments. I, too, am a veteran and my recent experience at the VA was despicable. They have created a check point for cars and they stop each driver to ask why you are there before they drill you with ridiculous questions about fever, cough, headaches, etc. You cannot proceed until you pass their inquisition.

    I told them I could not catch anything from the boogeyman and that the entire thing is a fraud. I was told to wear a mask while I was IN MY CAR. I was unaware that my car could catch their imaginary friend. I am now concerned about their mental health.

    The lady told me people are dying. I responded that people have died since there were people, but that does not mean they died from the boogeyman. Respiratory diseases are the fourth leading cause of death, trailing behind IATROGENIC deaths. It is illogical to assume that people get sickened or die from only one cause. Absurd.

    There are no new symptoms with this alleged virus that has never been isolated nor proven to exist. A CGI is not proof. A story is not proof. Having a respiratory illness in 2020 is not proof that it is caused by the alleged virus. It’s here say. No new symptoms have been identified. Nothing new here except the drama.

    Stress is probably the biggest factor in illness, and the medical cartel and governments are working overtime to stress us out. Suddenly, anyone who is not well has ONLY ONE CAUSE for illness, according to tha illogical thinking. Here can be many causes for illness. In 2020, if you fall off a cliff, you can be diagnosed with COVID. If you glanced at someone who received a positive test result, you can be accused of having “The Virus”.. According to the medical “authorities”, you can spread this deadly (imaginary) disease.

    The doctor, first visit, was only concerned about how I was wearing my compliance muzzle. Crappy doctor.

    I never caught anything from any patient when I worked in the medical field.

    I ask people to please explain how a non-living entity multiplies itself by the gazillions WITHOUT a host, sprinkles itself on every surface on the planet, lurks about only to pounce on any human within a magical six feet of another human in the US (two meters elsewhere) who hasn’t rubbed off their epidermis with a chemical slurry known as hand sanitizer within the previous 15 minutes, and who hasn’t face diapered themselves? And, why is it you may never even know you are sick with a DEADLY disease? Whoa! That must be a real smarty pants virus! Tricky, too. By now, we should be shoveling it out of our homes and off the sidewalks. Gosh, it’s so deep! Well, now. That IS what we are supposed to believe, is it not? Just explain how it happens, because I am having difficulty understanding how this alleged virus can do all of this magic.
  • Bill Gray
    commented 2020-09-20 22:20:13 -0700
    “I hate to shop because I detest seeing the zombies with face diapers, happily submitting to liars and fraudsters "

    Thank you for that, I share your disgust. I would have never imagined that there were such a number of cowards amongst us. I am a veteran and have noticed so many of my fellow service members in diapers. I am one that believes that all politics are local and have been very active in my County, even ran for office a couple times. I hate that I can not participate now. I feel sickened to even imagine a group of sheeple in diapers pledging alligence to Old Glory. I have even seen children wearing two diapers ! This may sound morbid, but I am blessed too be an old man. I pity the young. Thank you Evonne your post was a blessing.

    Bill Gray
  • Evonne Kohon
    commented 2020-09-20 21:22:39 -0700
    Well, I have had good luck so far with big box stores, but a local feed store says his business is privately owned and he can make all the rules. I informed him that his business is actually considered a public accommodation because he allows the public shop there. Nevertheless, I had to wait outside the front door and wait for him to retrieve the items, ring them up, bring them to me, etc.

    I find it really disturbing how people are so utterly incapable of logical thinking and so totally invested in destroying all of our rights.

    I hate to shop because I detest seeing the zombies with face diapers, happily submitting to liars and fraudsters.
  • George M. Forsythe
    commented 2020-09-20 19:30:00 -0700
    AMC Theaters in Murfreesboro forced my wife and me to leave despite the card and despite the fact that besides us there was only one other person in the entire theater. I would like to file suit. Does Citizens for Free Speech have recommendations for lawyers or procedures to initiate a suit? If nobody takes action, the cards are of limited value.
  • Suzanne Rosenorn
    commented 2020-09-07 14:57:04 -0700
    Another business that will not accept a plastic
    Covid 19 approved face shield is the Goodwill store in Bolingbrook, Illinois. I thought this place helps the disabled although I have heard bad things about them pocketing the majority of money they make in sales. Boycott and donate to a more caring charity. The little girl mgr. was another kid about 20 and her name was Linsay.
  • Safiya Fox
    commented 2020-09-06 11:34:49 -0700
    I have used with some success. Mostly large stores, don’t seem to care. Those there are some easily brainwashed who get upset. I have posted a meetup several times, but it does NOT post on your meet ups board. WHY?? Please help. I have written to you, and the response was that it posted, but it did NOT.
  • Suzanne Rosenorn
    commented 2020-09-04 18:50:43 -0700
    On Sept 4, 2020 I went to my local Menards wearing a Covid 19 approved face shield. At check out I was informed by an employee I could not make a purchase. I showed her my badge I ordered through your organization and explained I have Dr. excuses stating I cannot wear a traditional mask due to health conditions. I asked to speak to a mgr. which turned out to be a girl of about 20 yrs. old. She said I would have to order my stuff online and pick it up outside. Luckily there were ssingle face masks available to buy 2 aisles down which got me out of that store. I have been in there many times with no problem. The mgr. said that Menards changed this policy about 5 days ago. How can I pursue this matter further?