If you're not at the table, you're what's for dinner!

If you're not at the table, you're what's for dinner!

Do you ever feel like you’re living in the Twilight Zone?

Especially lately, doesn’t it seem like something is really wrong? Covid policies don’t make logical sense, the balance of power within government seems to have disappeared and nationwide crime isn’t punished (while truthful speech and worship is). Something has changed in the America that we grew up in and thought we could trust.

Do you suspect that the people in government whom you voted in to serve and protect citizens are no longer serving or protecting? That, in fact, they are not acting in the best interests of the people at all? If you’ve lived in America for any length of time, these realizations may seem shocking.

Even worse, you may feel that there is nothing you can do to restore the integrity in leadership that is foundational to our country.

For years many of us thought that the governance of our communities and country were handled by those who naturally cared about the people and who did what was best for them. We trusted the experts to protect and guide our communities, and we were confident that they would handle things properly and that our governments would run justly and smoothly on their own.

And then we went about our business, voting every couple of years, but often doing little more than that to be a part of the process of our own governance.

But the thing is, our Constitutional Republic was meant for us -- the citizens -- to be an integral part of its governance. And our absence in the decision-making arena has had its consequences.

As Mary Baker, a renowned political activist, author, and educator, who wrote the book “Citizen Ninja; Stand up to Power” points out, “If you’re not at the table, you’re what’s for dinner.”

The good news is that we are not helpless to effect change.

Our brilliant founding fathers in our nation’s founding documents set us up to be a part of and meant for us to get involved in our own governance. The truth is that we the people are the power. As Mary Baker said, it is our responsibility to hold our elected representatives and public servants accountable. “We make the choice to participate in government, stand up to dominant power and be political watchdogs because we support and want to protect a representative republic that is of the people by the people and for the people.”

How do I get involved?

So how do you begin to participate in that process? First you need to get equipped to effectively engage in the process. The Citizen Ninja Way is a method of activism taught by Mary Baker herself on how ordinary citizens can take back their power from the dominant leadership, partner with their local governments and help to make real change in their communities.

Citizen Ninjas are motivated by justice and truth and the unwavering belief that we, the people, are sovereign beings who have natural rights---rights that cannot be taken away by any person or government. We have the right to think independently, to determine our own course and to make our own choices.

As a Citizen Ninja you will become skilled in making deliberate choices to engage as well as learning how to handle people who accost you. You will be able to distinguish the right time to engage and be equipped with a set of tactics and skills to give you confidence.

In the Citizen Ninja courses, you will learn how to be prepared to speak up and acquire the tools to effectively address local issues.

The biggest impact citizens can make upon their societies is within their local governments. That is where citizens have the most access to power and the greatest ability to make a positive impact.

“Our government is structured so that the greatest seat of power is at the local level---town, city, county. This keeps government close to the people and is where Citizen Ninjas can be the most effective. Local government is where local issues are presented, debated, and solved by a relationship between elected individuals who make up City Councils, School Boards and County Boards of Supervisors and the people who are their constituents,” said Mary Baker.

What if I have no experience?

The Citizen Ninja course is meant for anyone and everyone and will teach you the skills that are necessary to enter the decision-making arena and have a seat at the table.

It is true that being an activist doesn’t come naturally. It requires a certain set of skills. But even if you are shy or inexperienced or are worried about being bullied by those with more power and differing views, Citizen Ninja will give you a strategic guide to overcoming these kinds of impediments to success.

You will be taught how to manage your emotions and overcome shyness, how to peg the people whom you want to convince of your position and respond to them in the most effective way, and how to successfully recognize and counter false arguments and various forms of propaganda used by those who want to control the message. 

How do I access Citizen Ninja training?

First, get your copy of Mary Baker's book Citizen Ninja: Stand Up to Power. We have it available on the CFFS Store site, or you can get it wherever you buy books online. 

Second, you can take the 8-part Citizen Ninja Basics course which is available on-demand on our collaborative and e-learning site called Local Activist. Set up your free account and once approved, you will find Citizen Ninja plus our entire library of activism training under the Courses tab. What's more, you'll be part of a supportive online community of other activists who are working to effect positive changes in their communities just like you!

Citizen Ninjas are ordinary people who make an extraordinary impact. 

Become one today! 

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