It’s All About Truth and Trust….in GOD! 🙏⛪️🇺🇸

Free Speech is what made America Great!

Loss of Free Speech is the first step to Communism!  Don’t stop fighting for it!

When we ignorantly comply to take unknown drugs, and wearing unnecessary masks, we are GIVING OVER OURSELVES, OUR FREEDOMS to the great unknown!

Also, don’t miss the moving story of “The White Rose” on this website. It includes the hard to find movie of Sophie Scholl who gave her life fighting for the freedoms that so many Citizens are gladly, unthinkingly, giving over to our Technocratic Leaders! No thought of loss of freedom of speech!  Wear a mask all day outdoors? Sure, no problem! Take a jab without knowing what’s in it? Gladly!

End up dead because of that jab? Or maybe permanently disabled? And no compensation

because the JAB is experimental? No problem! All for my country? I DONT THINK SO!  Maybe, all for Big Pharma and Bigger Tech! But definitely NOT for my Country! NO, I am not acquiescing to any Looney, Rich, Technocrats who all bow to the MONEY god!

Jesus Christ is MY Lord! He has given me unalienable Rights! No man will take them from me without a fight! Ever hear “….whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government….to effect their SAFETY and Happiness.” ?

Try The Declaration of Independence!

And while we’re thinking about it, why not get 10 copies of the pocket Declaration, Constitution, and Amendments for $10 at and give a few to your friends!

As for your informed consent for the VAX (which not available, yet), you can get that here on our website.

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