Introductory Webinar

Introductory Webinar

This webinar is the inaugural launch of Citizens for Free Speech (CFFS), and because of your interest in Citizen Ninja training and, you are invited to attend. Issues to be discussed will be: 

  1. Why Citizens for Free Speech?
  2. What is Citizens for Free Speech? 
  3. What are the plans for and Citizen Ninja training?
  4. What is our timetable and goals?

At we start out, full disclosure to our friends and closest supporters is wholly appropriate. I will provide time for Q&A toward the end. The webinar will not be recorded. 

CFFS was founded by Patrick Wood, author, journalist, lecturer and activist, and he is currently the Executive Director. 

May 29, 2018 at 5:00pm - 6pm
Internet Webinar
Patrick Wood
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Will you come?