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  • commented on Contact 2020-08-26 18:18:24 -0700
    Hi Patrick,

    thank you for my ‘no masks’ cards, I really like them. I have used them and my experiences have been pretty tense. While I wasn’t refused entry, I was glared at by the brainwashed zombies, questioned by customers and employees, and even followed around the store by employees. No longer is it enough to have those stupid things on your mouth but if you dare to wear it under your nose then you’re “endangering the lives others!” Lol, these people are beyond help, it’s no use trying to intelligently reason with them supported by facts and studies by highly respected professionals and institutions.

    These are the people which will be climbing over each other to inject themselves with that “vaccine” poison. Its truly depressing to see the once proud and strong America brought down to her knees in total unwarranted fear and panic.

    God bless you, maranatha,

    Ara Kalaj

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  • commented on CFFS Condemns Big Tech Censorship of Medical Experts 2020-07-30 19:09:05 -0700
    Luke 8:17
    For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.