Leading Osteopathic Physician Praises CFFS in Fight for Medical Freedom

Leading Osteopathic Physician Praises CFFS in Fight for Medical Freedom

Mesa, AZ – In the ongoing nationwide battle over the wearing of face masks in public, the two warring factions have debated primarily over the efficacy of masks as a method of stopping the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Citizens for Free Speech (CFFS) has joined that battle, publishing numerous articles and citing a plethora of studies that suggest masks are not only ineffective, but potentially hazardous to the health to the wearer. The non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the First Amendment to the Constitution is also focused on the constitutionality of mask mandates and has found an important advocate in Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Mercola, a graduate of the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, has built one of the largest followings of any practitioner of alternative medicine in the world. His immensely popular natural health website, Mercola.com, averages 30 million visitors per month, and during an exclusive interview with CFFS Executive Director Patrick Wood, Dr. Mercola described CFFS an “excellent resource where you can learn more about your constitutional rights and how to communicate your ideas to others.

That is precisely the goal of the organization, according to Wood.

“The idea of supporting and defending the First Amendment is critical right now,” he explained. People can get the issues, but if they cannot communicate those issues effectively, what's the point? People…understand the value now, or maybe the necessity, of civil disobedience.”

Mercola agreed, and was particularly impressed with CFFS’ efforts to assist citizens in protecting their rights to free speech and expression through distribution of  their popular “laminated ‘No Mask Card’ that you can wear on a lanyard, explaining your First Amendment Right to disobey local mask mandates.”

Wood and his team at CFFS are passionate about the issue.

“If we do not resist and say, 'We're not going along with your program,' then they will continue to push us into the corner until we simply cannot get out of that corner,” Wood continued. “Once people see through the pseudoscience of face mask and social distancing, contact tracing, and all these mechanisms that are being thrown down at us, once they start to see through the statistical models being totally erroneous, they're beginning to understand we just need to stop this behavior and not obey them.”

The distribution of the anti-mask cards that earned Mercola’s praise has not been achieved without some challenges.

"Between the postal service nitpicking on delivery of our cards and publicists refusing to send out our press releases,” Wood explained, “the need for an organization like CFFS has never been more clear. It has become obvious to those who prefer censorship and suppression of ideas with which they disagree that CFFS is a legitimate threat to them.”

If anyone knows what it’s like to be censored or to have their ideas and speech suppressed for having medical opinions that challenge traditional orthodoxy, it would Dr. Mercola.

“Years ago, if you searched for a holistic medicine topic, many of my articles would appear at the top of your search,” the doctor shared. “In June 2019, Google quietly started to eliminate Mercola.com from search results.”

"It reminds you a little bit of '1984,'” Wood added, “where Winston worked in the Ministry of Information and his business was scratching people out of existence.”

Big Tech censorship is in wide practice at this moment, which is likely why Mercola and CFFS share the same concerns, and reaffirm the same commitment to free expression. Whether through online suppression or mandated muzzles during a pandemic being used to limit speech, the threat is very real, according to Wood.

“We must restore our Constitution, which is the framework for everything else in our nation. We must restore the effective application of the constitution to our society.”

For more information about CFFS please visit www.CitizensForFreeSpeech.org.


Bob Frantz

National Director of Communications

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