LocalActivist Social Media Platform

LocalActivist.org is a project funded and developed by Citizens for Free Speech. It is an exclusive social media platform designed to support local activists who want to make changes in their local communities. 

Membership in LocalActivist.org is limited to those who are pro-U.S. Constitution and already engaged in local activity or those who are ready and willing to engage. Thus, it is not intended to be a replacement social media platform for any other network, including Facebook or Twitter.

The LocalActivist.org motto is: "LESS TALK, MORE ACTION". 

First, CFFS believes that the First Amendment only has value to the extent that it is acted out where we live. It is not an esoteric concept for free speech, freedom of the press, assembling together, etc. It is only seen and experienced through our actions. 

Second, our local cities, towns and counties are overrun with a myriad of bad policies and government overreach. Much of this stems from United Nations-inspired policies such as Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, 2030 Agenda, Common Core Education Standards, environmental radicalism, etc.

These noxious weeds can only be removed and cleaned up by local citizens who are not only fed up, but are willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work. It's more than just talking about the problems; it's about creating and implementing solutions.

If this is you, then you are encouraged to head over to LocalActivist.org and get involved! Connect with people in your area, locate local or area groups to join, find important events, and more. 

When you join, you must agree to the Terms of Service, including use of your real name and posting a real picture of yourself.