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  • commented on Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy 2020-09-30 05:56:45 -0700
    The people are just being tricked, and it has been so very well planned. You have to give them that… It’s been a slow and steady and indoctrination for several generations.. Have some compassion for the sheeple.. Check out David Martins World on Youtube.. He shows you excacty how they write studies that have scary titles, and get the narratives the media pushes by quoting the studies that have been done. If you go just one layer deeper and read the actual studies, you will almost always find that what has been written is only the writers opinion and doesn’t match what the studies show at all. But seriously who has time to go into the next layer of information to read the studies most people don’t even have time to read the whole thing as It is. Instead they fact check though useless fact-checks sites. We are working two jobs to make ends meet. The lies are in plain site, but the last several generations have been so indoctrinated to be followers not free thinkers.. God bless us The Rebels! So, please, compassionate and gentle conversations needs to happen with them. No body likes to feel like they have been gullible enough to have been tricked..That’s the death of the Ego.“ a protection mechanism.” Just being mean and forceful and angry to wake them up will effect their nervous systems. Please think back to how you felt when you first learned the truth.. Please have love and compassion for them.. it will work much better.. listen to their beliefs with a genuine heart.. then share yours with peace. Learn to not be so reactive. They will crack open. You will see. I am Not a Q fan, As you can tell I live more in the middle. I always have. But I do like that saying where we go one we go all. .