Below are media appearances and interviews of CFFS Director and Founder, Patrick M. Wood.

For all media enquiries to request an interview, please contact Sandy Frazier at [email protected]

February 2021 

Date Article Title Journal
2/17/21 When Logic Fails, 'Informed Consent' Means Nothing American Thinker
Date Radio/TV Host Station/media
2/1/21 James Corbett International
2/2/21 Shilling Report Syndicated
2/2/21 Bob Frantz AM1420 Cleveland
2/2/21 Rep. Matt Shea Syndicated American Christian Network
2/3/21 Eric Gajewski TradCatKnight
2/3/21 Common Sense Radio Syndicated
2/3/21 Jimmy Barrett KTRH740AM. iHeart
2/3/21 Charlie James WORD106.3
2/4/21 Denise Simon Syndicated
2/4/21 Alan Nathan Main Street Radio Network
2/5/21 Brian Rust NewsTalk Radio
2/5/21 Chuck Wilder Syndicated CRN 
2/5/21 James Brescia KVEC920AM
2/8/21 Paul Preston Agenda21 Radio
2/9/21 Joe Cate 106FM Wilmington
2/10/21 Bobby Gunther Walsh WAEB 790AM Pennsylvania 
2/10/21 Jerry Newscombe Vocal Pointe syndicated
 2/11/21 Jim Bohannon Westwood One Nationally Syndicated


January 2021     
Date Article Title Journal
1/8/21 Recognizing the coordinated attacks on the First Amendment
American Thinker
1/13/21 Just Whose Coup Is It, Anyway? BPR
1/21/21 Decoding Social Media Censorship by the Issues Epoch Times
Date Radio/TV Host Station/media
1/5/21 Eric Gajewski TradCatKnight
1/11/21 Bob Frantz AM1420 Cleveland/Salem
1/11/21 Dom Giordano AM1210 WPHT, Philadelphia
1/11/21 Joyce Kaufman 850WFTL, Florida
1/11/21 Andy Caldwell KNNEWS 98.5, Santa Barbara
1/12/21 Jeff Crouere AM990 WGSO, New Orleans
1/12/21 Lee Eici 94.9FM, Connecticut 
1/12/21 Karen Kataline AM1190 WSMN,
1/12/21 Jaime Umphenour 1230AM KPRL, California
1/13/21 Bruce Tria 1390AM WRIV, New York
1/13/21 Faune Riggin 960AM KXIM, Missouri
1/13/21 Shaun Kraisman and Emma Rechenberg NEWSMAX
1/14/21 Nora Firestone AM1110 WKQA, Virginia
1/14/21 Keith Hanson 99.7FM WNTK, New Hampshire
1/14/21 Richard Sachs Podcast
1/14/21 Bob Bird WSRM Regional, Alaska
1/15/21 Joshua Phillips Epoch Times TV
1/15/21 John Loeffler Steel on Steel
1/15/21 Keith Hanson 99.7FM WNTK, New Hampshire
1/16/21 Gary Goldman AM680 WCRN, Boston
1/16/21 Darren Weeks Governing America
1/17/21 Dan Happel Connecting the Dots
1/19/21 Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show
1/19/21 Dr. Carole Leiberman Dr. Carol's Couch
1/21/21 David Zere America's Voice
1/23/21 Joe Mangiaotti WCRN 830AM, Boston
1/25/21 Erskine Overnight  National, GCN
1/25/21 Brandon Brice AM1400, The Patriot
1/26/21 Bill Martinez Show National
1/27/21 Dr. Dave Janda WAAM1600, National
1/27/21 Beyond Reality Radio Nationally syndicated
1/27/21 Ryan Wrecker KMOX1120, St. Louis
1/29/21 Dr. Alfred Bonati Bloomberg TV/WFLA Radio
1/30/21 Lou Telano WGBB12440, NYC