Below are media appearances and interviews of CFFS Director and Founder, Patrick M. Wood.

For all media enquiries to request an interview, please contact A.J. Rice at Publius PR.


February 2021 

Date Article Title Journal
2/17/21 When Logic Fails, 'Informed Consent' Means Nothing American Thinker
Date Radio/TV Host Station/media
2/1/21 James Corbett International
2/2/21 Shilling Report Syndicated
2/2/21 Bob Frantz AM1420 Cleveland
2/2/21 Rep. Matt Shea Syndicated American Christian Network
2/3/21 Eric Gajewski TradCatKnight
2/3/21 Common Sense Radio Syndicated
2/3/21 Jimmy Barrett KTRH740AM. iHeart
2/3/21 Charlie James WORD106.3
2/4/21 Denise Simon Syndicated
2/4/21 Alan Nathan Main Street Radio Network
2/5/21 Brian Rust NewsTalk Radio
2/5/21 Chuck Wilder Syndicated CRN 
2/5/21 James Brescia KVEC920AM
2/8/21 Paul Preston Agenda21 Radio
2/9/21 Joe Cate 106FM Wilmington
2/10/21 Bobby Gunther Walsh WAEB 790AM Pennsylvania 
2/10/21 Jerry Newscombe Vocal Pointe syndicated
 2/11/21 Jim Bohannon Westwood One Nationally Syndicated


January 2021     
Date Article Title Journal
1/8/21 Recognizing the coordinated attacks on the First Amendment
American Thinker
1/13/21 Just Whose Coup Is It, Anyway? BPR
1/21/21 Decoding Social Media Censorship by the Issues Epoch Times
Date Radio/TV Host Station/media
1/5/21 Eric Gajewski TradCatKnight
1/11/21 Bob Frantz AM1420 Cleveland/Salem
1/11/21 Dom Giordano AM1210 WPHT, Philadelphia
1/11/21 Joyce Kaufman 850WFTL, Florida
1/11/21 Andy Caldwell KNNEWS 98.5, Santa Barbara
1/12/21 Jeff Crouere AM990 WGSO, New Orleans
1/12/21 Lee Eici 94.9FM, Connecticut 
1/12/21 Karen Kataline AM1190 WSMN,
1/12/21 Jaime Umphenour 1230AM KPRL, California
1/13/21 Bruce Tria 1390AM WRIV, New York
1/13/21 Faune Riggin 960AM KXIM, Missouri
1/13/21 Shaun Kraisman and Emma Rechenberg NEWSMAX
1/14/21 Nora Firestone AM1110 WKQA, Virginia
1/14/21 Keith Hanson 99.7FM WNTK, New Hampshire
1/14/21 Richard Sachs Podcast
1/14/21 Bob Bird WSRM Regional, Alaska
1/15/21 Joshua Phillips Epoch Times TV
1/15/21 John Loeffler Steel on Steel
1/15/21 Keith Hanson 99.7FM WNTK, New Hampshire
1/16/21 Gary Goldman AM680 WCRN, Boston
1/16/21 Darren Weeks Governing America
1/17/21 Dan Happel Connecting the Dots
1/19/21 Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show
1/19/21 Dr. Carole Leiberman Dr. Carol's Couch
1/21/21 David Zere America's Voice
1/23/21 Joe Mangiaotti WCRN 830AM, Boston
1/25/21 Erskine Overnight  National, GCN
1/25/21 Brandon Brice AM1400, The Patriot
1/26/21 Bill Martinez Show National
1/27/21 Dr. Dave Janda WAAM1600, National
1/27/21 Beyond Reality Radio Nationally syndicated
1/27/21 Ryan Wrecker KMOX1120, St. Louis
1/29/21 Dr. Alfred Bonati Bloomberg TV/WFLA Radio
1/30/21 Lou Telano WGBB12440, NYC