Joanne Nathan Shaw Memorial Fund

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. - George Washington

The late Joanne Nathan Shaw (1959-2022) was a pioneer in the Freedom Movement and especially the Free Speech movement. Her quiet and unassuming presence was felt in every corner of the nation.

With her husband Michael Shaw, Joanne co-founded Freedom21 Santa Cruz in 2001, which later was renamed Freedom Advocates. Together, they led the battle against the United Nations' Agenda 21 and exposed the dangers of Sustainable Development, and other programs that sapped sovereignty from our nation, states, cities, and rural areas.

Since the inception of Citizens for Free Speech in 2018, Joanne was a constant ambassador and champion of our mission to defend and protect our unalienable rights contained in the First Amendment. Her encouragement and level-headed advice will be greatly missed, but not forgotten. Without her help and guidance, it is doubtful that CFFS would be the nationwide force that it is today.

Joanne’s enthusiasm and commitment to liberty inspired those around her. Yet, in true fashion, Joanne never sought recognition or notoriety during her many years of activism. CFFS is humbled to honor her legacy and carry on her fight for Free Speech and our unalienable rights through the Joanne Nathan Shaw Memorial Fund.

The memorial fund will enable CFFS to train up and equip a new generation of successful local activists in every corner of our nation. 

Over the years, Joanne, Freedom Advocates and now Citizens for Free Speech, have all stressed the importance of local civic involvement. Why? Because cities and counties have long been the direct targets of globalist policy incursions. As a result, local cities and towns have become inundated with policies that sap liberty and undermine Constitutional protections. Worse, now that many citizens have started to push back, they are being censored, suppressed and ridiculed every step of the way. 

The bottom line is that without the unfettered use of our unalienable rights contained in the First Amendment, effective local activism is not possible. We must be free to speak, to write, to assemble and to protest. However, Free Speech is not just a concept to be debated. It must be exercised. Without doing, merely talking about it is meaningless.

The connection between Free Speech and successful local, policy-changing activism is why Joanne was so committed to being a part of Citizens for Free Speech. We are doers, not sitters. For instance, our premier "Citizen Ninja Way" training classes equip our members to effectively engage with civic leaders and residents and to "get a seat at the table" where policies are actually hammered out.    

As part of this Memorial Fund, CFFS will introduce the annual Defender of Free Speech award to an outstanding individual or organization that embodies her commitment to effective grassroots activism. 

You are invited you to participate in Joanne's legacy by giving from your heart to establish the Joanne Nathan Shaw Memorial Fund

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