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  • commented on Contact 2022-10-31 14:25:09 -0700
    Hi Patrick

    I want to thank you for standing up and being as relentless as a bulldog during this pandemic!!!! Not many were or are willing to put their careers on the line…so thanks again. You and your team are an inspiration. Your long history in standing up for freedom and the truth give you a unique voice during these times.

    I’ll be publishing a book in early to mid-November that should be of interest to you. It title is One Idea To Rule Them All: Reverse Engineering American Propaganda and would like to send you a hard copy. If you will provide me with a mailing address, I’ll ship it to you free of charge in hopes that you might find it engaging, informative and useful in exposing the idea syndicate we are battling. I think it would be a great training tool for your Citizen Ninja Academy.

    Here’s a teaser

    ”Idea bullying” is one group’s ability to buy out the rest in the marketplace of ideas. With enough money and some well-connected friends no other ideas can compete. Democracy as we know it remains in name only; orthodoxy takes over- one idea to rule them all. Historically this has been called manufacturing of consent, crystallizing public opinion, public relations, and just plain old “propaganda.” Learn how the roots of idea creation and story narrative have displaced an objective search for truth and why this abuse of language is always the first sign of tyranny. And finally, find out how the “idea bullies” harness the identifiable shortcuts the brain utilizes to create settled beliefs that influence you in unrecognizable yet profound ways.

    I am located in Tucson just down the road a bit.

    Thanks for your time

    Get in touch here...

    Patrick Wood, Executive Director
    Citizens for Free Speech
    P.O. Box 52546
    Mesa, Arizona 85208


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