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  • commented on Why Masks Don’t Work Against COVID-19 2020-08-08 03:36:11 -0700
    BF – I think KD is be polite.
    It is primarily contact / touch spread.
    Foecal contamination is an issue not normally mentioned in polite society.
    KD mentions:
    Singapores success once they prioritised traditional handwashing.
    Utter failure of trained medical staff wearing best of PPE to interrupt spread.
    Failure of high humidity to contain spread.
    Issue of foecal contamination in old peoples homes
    What he doesn’t mention is the slow shifting of the goalposts in the public narrative.
    Although the authorities are still full on maskfacist, there has been an increase in mentions of proper handwashing.

    Masks stop covid in the same way that underpants stop fart smells.