CFFS Demands Firing of Ohio Health Director by Governor Mike DeWine

CFFS Demands Firing of Ohio Health Director by Governor Mike DeWine

Mesa, AZ – In a move strikingly similar to pre-World War II Nazi Germany, the director of the Ohio Department of Health is calling for citizens of her state to carry certificates of proven immunity from the COVID-19 virus in order to move freely and conduct public business. This blatant disregard for the U.S. Constitution has led Citizens for Free Speech (CFFS) to demand her immediate termination by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine.

“One does not need an advanced degree in world history,” said CFFS Executive Director Patrick Wood, “to notice the resemblance between the requirement of European Jews to carry their papers with them at all times and Dr. Acton’s ‘dream’ of requiring Ohio citizens to carry certificates proving their immunity from the China-born coronavirus.”

During an April 21 press briefing with Governor DeWine, Acton declared her “love” for the idea that some countries are “looking at certificates to say you’re immune, and therefore you’re able to go about your business,” adding that, “it would be a dream if we were able to get something like that.”

Acton’s endorsement of required certification of immunity, created by antibodies only present in those who have recovered from COVID-19 infection, in order to “go about your business” directly implies that those lacking such antibodies would be prohibited from returning to public activities, including their jobs.

“In addition to forcing citizens to show immunity papers to get into a store, an office, a church or a post office,” Wood stated, “Ohio’s leaders would be punishing those who had not yet been infected, requiring them to stay in isolation or quarantine conditions.”

This is not the first time the DeWine administration has floated the idea of requiring proof of antibodies for Ohioans to return to work. At DeWine’s April 9 briefing, Lt. Governor Jon Husted stated that citizens who had recovered would be “tracked” and then allowed, “perhaps to move to the front of the line as far as getting back out into society.”

CFFS believes that DeWine has lost control of his health director, who has contradicted his public declaration of a phased re-opening of the state’s economy. Dr. Acton has announced a 5-part plan to “deal with” the virus for the next 18 months. The fourth item of her plan calls for “isolation and quarantine.”

“If Governor DeWine is going to allow his health director to issue statewide orders—which must be followed, per Ohio law,” Wood continued, “he needs a director that will not trample the Bill of Rights. Dr. Amy Acton must not be permitted to pursue her authoritarian ‘dreams’ at the expense of Ohioans’ civil liberties.”

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  • Jason Hilbert
    commented 2020-05-18 21:33:07 -0700
    I live in Columbus OH. This guy ran as conservative he is a mini tyrant.