Pronouns vs. Free Speech

Pronouns vs. Free Speech

In this week's Stand and Deliver podcast, Patrick and Bob discuss the new “Pronoun Passports” being adopted in schools around the country, forcing and compelling students and teachers to use the “pronouns of choice” for people who have alternate identities.

Students and staff who refuse to refer to people by their preferred pronouns, or by words that don’t exist in the English language, are being punished, ostracized, and in some cases, removed from their buildings.  As you know, forced speech is every bit as much of a violation of the First Amendment as suppressed speech.

The guys also introduce the new CFFS Advocacy Center! CFFS members in all 50 states now have access to legislation dealing with the First Amendment, and easy links to the representatives in their states. The next huge step in defending the 1A rights of all Americans.

Finally, they talk about free speech suppression---of your license plates? It’s true! One state has decided that some personalized plates are more objectionable than others, even without profanity or other graphic language.

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