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  • commented on How To Use The CFFS "No Mask" Card 2020-11-12 22:32:35 -0700
    On October 18, I was escorted by security off Winstar Casino & Resorts property for refusing to wear a face mask. I was wearing a face shield in accordance with their websites policy of “A face covering must be worn at all times”. I have a physicians letter that I cannot wear a face mask for medical reasons but they refused to look at it. I also pointed out people also in the lobby with no mask or face shield at all and was told, “ They’re not the problem, you are.” Other patrons inside we’re seen by my husband wearing a face shield only(he took a pic) though no one harassed them.

    More happened than that. I had to find a new hotel to stay at for two nights.

    I’ve filed a formal complaint with the ADA/Department of Justice but have heard nothing back as of 11/12/20.