WHEREAS we recognize the seriousness of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the need to take strong personal actions to combat its contagion and also the need for local communities to provide for adequate medical care for those who are infected,

WHEREAS Governors, mayors and county sheriffs across the nation are declaring states of emergency under the guise of protecting the public from the coronavirus,

WHEREAS these emergencies have been declared without respect to Civil Liberties contained in the First, Second and Fourth Amendments,

WHEREAS the right to peaceable assembly has been nullified by limiting to very small groups and in some cases declaring that violators will be fined and/or incarcerated,

WHEREAS churches are being forced to abandon physical assemblies in favor of online broadcasting that is not available to a vast number of smaller churches in America,

WHEREAS businesses are being forced out of business because of mandated closure for indefinite periods of time,

WHEREAS the Second Amendment is being violated when government executives, using unchecked power granted them to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, use that power to deny citizens their right to purchase arms and/or ammunition, 

WHEREAS the Fourth Amendment is being violated when citizens are not secure "in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures [that] shall not be violated",

WHEREAS all of these actions are preventing citizens from exercising their Unalienable Rights as guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence, including the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, 

WHEREAS all elected leaders take an oath of office to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States",


THEREFORE the signers of this petition demand that all civil and/or elected officials who have issued any type of executive order or emergency declaration in relation to the coronavirus, rescind any and all orders that violate any portion of the Bill of Rights. including the First, Second and Fourth Amendments. Furthermore, we demand that all future orders will not violate the U.S. Constitution and that oversight be exercised to ensure that this does not happen either intentionally or inadvertently.

THEREFORE the signers of this petition also pledge to hold any and all civil or elected officials personally accountable to remedy this demand in the most timely and expedient manner.  

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  • Belinda Douglas
    signed via 2020-03-28 11:44:12 -0700
  • mike brodle
    signed via 2020-03-28 10:55:25 -0700
    Fact: The government is out of bounds and has failed to uphold our rights as USA peoples!
  • Ross Kardon
    signed 2020-03-28 10:52:54 -0700
    Ross Kardon
  • Debra Gaylord-Thomas
    signed 2020-03-28 10:46:11 -0700
  • Marsi Latimer
    signed 2020-03-28 10:36:15 -0700
  • Kathleen McGuire
    signed 2020-03-28 10:27:31 -0700
  • Randal Roberson
    signed 2020-03-28 10:25:01 -0700
    We have the right and duty to alter or abolish ANY form of government when it becomes destructive to We The People, lets put it to a vote. Then there is my unalienable right to be let alone. When the toilet becomes full of crap it needs to be flushed.
  • Brittany White
    signed via 2020-03-28 10:15:44 -0700
  • Richard D Handwork
    signed 2020-03-28 09:56:22 -0700
  • Marguerite Rose
    signed via 2020-03-28 09:54:57 -0700
  • Mark Yezzi
    signed 2020-03-28 09:45:51 -0700
  • Peter Worsley
    signed 2020-03-28 09:32:21 -0700
  • Riccardo Pompili
    signed 2020-03-28 09:22:08 -0700
  • Charlene Ives
    signed 2020-03-28 09:19:40 -0700
  • Judith Cybulski
    signed 2020-03-28 09:09:34 -0700
  • Sandra Schmitz
    signed 2020-03-28 09:02:12 -0700
  • Miguel Conner
    signed 2020-03-28 08:57:09 -0700
  • Mark Becker
    signed via 2020-03-28 08:55:46 -0700
    Mark D Becker
  • Jeffrey Walton
    signed 2020-03-28 08:51:01 -0700
  • Derek Jones
    signed 2020-03-28 08:45:42 -0700
  • Diane King
    signed 2020-03-28 08:37:52 -0700
    Asking the gov’t for help AT ALL, means we have to give up something to them. In this case, it’s our individual sovereignty – our RIGHTS. Ben Franklin: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
  • Peggy Wilson
    signed 2020-03-28 08:26:56 -0700
  • Keith Seger
    signed via 2020-03-28 08:18:14 -0700
  • Kara Byrd
    signed via 2020-03-28 08:13:05 -0700
  • Dakota Sawyer
    signed 2020-03-28 08:07:27 -0700
  • Suzanne Fillerup
    signed 2020-03-28 08:05:51 -0700
  • Donald VandenBerg
    signed 2020-03-28 07:53:24 -0700
  • Kurt Eger
    signed 2020-03-28 07:48:15 -0700
  • Carl Tanner
    signed 2020-03-28 07:47:57 -0700
  • Nola Fillbrook
    signed 2020-03-28 07:47:24 -0700
    This is getting out of hand and it’s time to remind city councils and state governors who is in charge. I hope sheriffs rise up and stand with us.