Get ready, get set, MASK UP??

If tyranny were a virus . . . 
. . . then Free Speech is the inoculation.

"Wearing masks goes back many centuries. Arabs covered the faces of captured enemies because they realized it broke their will. Without a face, they became depersonalized and submissive. When Islam arrived, face coverings signaled evidence that women were the property of their husbands. Masks were symbols of submission to the will of Alah. 

"Without a face we become less of an individual. Instead we become part of a depersonalized herd. We lose our independence. We become subjects. Masks are symbols of obedience. By wearing masks we tell the world that we are submitting to those who are in charge of the scamdemic.

"Masks discourage human interaction. It's harder to understand the English language sine it become muffled, but also because there are no expressions or lip reading. These verbal cues help us communicate. 

"Masks can also become a high tech means of monitoring and control. In Europe, a mask has been produced with sensors that communicate with the user's smart phone. It alerts the mask wearer when too much carbon dioxide has built up and allows the person to pull the mask down for a few seconds and take in oxygen. It also alerts when the put the mask on and of course, all data and locations are collected and monitored by the ruling elite. Controlling our breathing is granular-level tyranny."

Illustration and essay reprinted with permission from Ben Garrison.
Make America Well Again: The Viral Cartoons pg. 93, Copyright 2023


Why? Because it lets you expose their wickedness and evil deeds with freedom of speech, press, religion, to assemble, and to protest.

These unalienable rights belong to everyone. Tyrants’ only playbook is to bully you out of them, to tell you that you don’t have rights, to censor you, to ridicule you, to factcheck you with lies.

Fortunately, tyrants will retreat when forced to do so but the showdown is looming. This has nothing to do with wearing a face mask, or your heath, or a virus… but rather control over you. 


Your donation will let us produce the tools to fight back: training, brochures, literature, street protest signage, wearables and more. Do not this window of opportunity pass you by.

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