The Culture of Censorship

The Culture of Censorship

On Episode 8 of Stand and Deliver: Pat and Bob discuss a huge revelation in the fight for medical freedom: Dr. Francis Collins, the former Director of the National Institute of Health, was behind the removal of the Great Barrington Declaration. The man in charge of so much of the nation’s science decided to cancel science—that he didn’t agree with. This type of censorship sends major signals to ordinary Americans that if their point of view is not shared by those in power, it will be suppressed and canceled.

Also on the table this week is the Disney corporation’s hard turn toward wokeness. The once family-friendly entertainment empire is casting aside the viewpoints of employees who wish to keep the traditional values enjoyed by children for decades alive in Disney films and programming. When the voices of employees at major corporations are silenced because they do not fit in with the new ideology of corporate management, someone needs to stand and deliver for them.

The guys also tackle the censorship of an NCAA female swimmer who decided she could no longer hold back her criticism of a biological male creating an unfair competitive advantage in women’s sports. These topics and more are available now on Episode 8!

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