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  • commented on Contact 2020-12-17 14:40:31 -0700
    Hi Patrick, First, THANK U SO MUCH FOR ALL U ARE DOING !!!!! I’ve been distributing flyers since this planndemic started, but, my new challenge is, I don’t have any resources in Spanish. I live in San Diego now & there are many Spanish only speaking people here, as I remember there were in Arizona, too.

    Is there any chance you know of any video’s done in Spanish, ideally, not on censorship media like facebook/youtube, so, I can create flyers for Spanish speaking people?

    I’ve been promoting – their 2nd video, along with other lockdown resources but, again, I have NOTHING in Spanish.

    Any help in this area so I can distribute to them would be greatly appreciated – websites, videos preferred from doctors like Americas Frontline Doctors, or, even individual doctors, etc.

    Thank you so much !!!!


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